Happy 27th Birthday Harry Potter!

After 2 weeks of continuous non stop hectic running around here and there and work loads up to my nose, I’ve been given a few weeks of breathing before hell breaks lose again with us losing 2 manpower in the coming 2 months and the headcount wont be replaced…so the rumors goes.

Well, not bad considering I had my salary review last week. A raise and a big fat bonus as a token of appreciation. At least come after Hari Raya, I know I am not as “pape-kedane” (broke stiff as how some would say) coz that’s when the bonus comes in. Alhamdulillah rezeki kan. Bulan depan naik sikit pun da kira ok ye tak?

At least someone is appreciating my good work around the office.

I am trying to refrain myself from being the typical housewife when it comes to Hari Raya. Itu baru, ini baru…aiyo, these things are not made of water, though even water pun mahal says my dad yang kat Johor tu. Which reminds me on the issue of water, I saw a huge tong gas like filter in front of my house the other day. Seems that the latest orang kampong must have right now is one of those huge hideous things. I cant blame them when my dad did a backwash (cleaning the filter system), masya-allah air like the tanah merah campur air longkang like that.

And on the subject of food – a new addition to Batu Pahat, Batu Pahat Pacific Mall has a few scrumptious spots to hang out now like Sushi King and my mother’s favorite Kenny Rogers. My daughter was practically pulling me across to Sushi King the minute she saw it, no thanks to my brother yang diligently introduced her to the art of eating raw fish. But considering masa tu tak gaji lagi and my father does not like the idea of berhutang and eating at the same time (using the card ler) I told my daughter, “next time when we bring Opah along” coz my mother was not with us as she was attending yet another high school reunion high tea at  SDBL.

My mother recently alhamdulillah has a new found interest instead of complaining about the monyet eating the rambutans and the biawak casing the ayams – Joining her alumni and attending the weekly gathering they have. I know its been far fetched from what she used to do when they were living in the city but its nice that she’s doing something different now.

I’ve updated my 43things this month and owed myself a challenge. I know everybody’s who is a Harry Potter fan is hyped about the new book but my husband actually placed this challenged on me.

Back in 2001 I received a wonderful birthday present from a friend in New Zealand. In the post he had packed nearly 10 books that I had on my wish list and 4 of them being from the Harry Potter series. I have left the books in the care of my mother as a few years after that we were getting ready to move from Ipoh to Johor and I had forgotten all about it.

The movies then came out and silly me thinking I would just watch them and so the books did gather a bit of dust. I decided to buy book 5 – The Order of the Phoenix, read that completely and somehow lost it (am not sure in between my holiday to London – Amsterdam – Langkawi with a Dutch friend).

So, taking up my husband’s challenge I have decided to read books 1 to 4 plus 6 (I’ve read 5 but may decide to buy book 5 again) and do a comprehensive study on the characters and settings to understand the whole saga. My very own literature appreciation and lucky enough I have harrypotter.wikipedia.com to save me in those moments where I am lost in the whole maze of mysterious buildings and landscape of Hogwarts or Diagon Alley or even Pivet Drive or the characters in them.

Once I finish all 6 books, as a present to myself for completing the challenge only then will I buy for me book 7. Aiyaaaaaaaaa its killing but its something worth doing.

Well since we’re still on the subject of Harry, I am taking this opportunity to wish our dear boy a happy 27th birthday today and unlike the Dursleys in Book 2 I have not forgotten its your birthday ol’ chap.

Here’s wishing Harry a glorious day today and bet that he’s celebrating it with that special someone – wife maybe




wishing Harry a wonderful 27th birthday!!

harry potter cake from : callylevy


he he he – ok I confess I am a spoiler – somewhere in 2017 Harry sends off his kids to Hogwarts with his dear wife, that’s 10 years from now and Harry went to Hogwarts as a first year when he was 10 if am not mistaken, therefore he must have been married somewhere before 27 to have two kids who are going to Hogwarts in 2017. I might be wrong but then again… 😉


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One response to “Happy 27th Birthday Harry Potter!

  1. UBA

    pheww…i thot he was 27

    good luck with the challenge sis..

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