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Shopaholic in KL…

Today could not have been a better day for me. I took time off work and I got paid as well today.

Now if you’re such a cleaver diva, that combined just spells SHOPPING SPREE with big neon lit capital letters on a huge NY billboard aint it?

And especially since I found out that Dorothy Perkins (UK based retail for plus size divas), Mothercare, Baby Guess, Baby Gap, MAC, MANGO (aka MNG) was just around the corner in one HUGE mega shopping mall – Pavilion.


This discovery was made accidentally when Jai took me out for a post-birthday buffet lunch last Saturday at Redbox Plus. I already had chocolates and a nice pastel lavender birthday card on my birthday so it was SOOOO ROMANTIC of my darling husband to do this for me.

Of course I’ve ate all the chocolates and the only thing left is the card *grin*

I guess being preggy makes the buffet more appealing that the selection of songs to be sung (which is always top on my list of favorite past time).

But since we were a bit too early, we decided to roam around and found this exotic spa.

Yes it’s a Fish Spa. Where your soak your feet in water and get little fish to eat your dead skin and give you a massage at the same time. Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa is on the same floor as where Red Box Plus is in Pavilion. RM30 for half an hour is not to bad. But we put of the idea and thought my mom would have loved this more than me.

Not long after that we were called in – with no hick ups since MADAME her made reservations the night before. Smart me though it was suppose to be my birthday surprise*grin*

Red Box Entrance

I must say I was impressed with the décor there. Nice gothic red, white and black ambience.

Jai in the waiting lounge

The sound system was fabulous. And the food…well don’t get me started talking about the food. I had a huge helping of delicious roasted rack of lamb in garlic butter sauce. I took the huge piece of broccoli that was the centre piece as well. Jai looked puzzled and said “I didn’t come across any broccoli at the buffet table?” I laughed it off. I also had another huge helping of mussels, tiger prawns and la-la. I guess my stomach did more bleaching than singing that day.

My big helping of Roasted Lamb with garlic sauce and what’s left of the mussels, tiger prawns and la-la in the back.

For RM55 (plus service tax) for a pax of 2, buffet lunch 11am to 3pm is certainly worth it at Redbox Plus, Pavilion. The buffet is a variety of everything from main course to a salad bar and deserts. Soft drinks are free flow.

Afterwards we decided to window shop for a bit (We’re keeping the CCs clear for in any case of emergencies – so no “hutang” even though I wanted desperately to shop). The ROXY shop here is far more nicer that the ones in Midvalley. ROXY sells anything and everything to do with surfing…bikinis, Bermudas (the ones Jai like), sweat pants etc. I love the beach and though you wont catch me DEAD in a pair of bikinis, the ROXY shop is always VIBRANT and reminds you of those lovely days by the beach.

Later we checked out Baby Guess – there was a cute pink corduroy jacket that I’ve been looking for. Since Aliya has outgrown all her jackets – both the Baby Gap one in blue, and one pink and one blue jeans, she was in desperate need of a new one. But she did say “I want the one with the hood” so there was a nice fluffy one in Baby Gap that would suit her nicely. 

Of course little miss mini diva has to be there to approve of it before I make any buying decisions. But I think both me and Jai got carried away with the cute mini sneaker booties, snow cap and small checked shirt next door. It was just too cute, fit for 3-6month old baby boys. Somehow both of us were no where interested in pink tutus or pink dresses. How weird is that? Maybe fate is trying to tell us something…hmmm

We headed off to Mothercare – of course it was a total candy shop to me. Beautiful linens for the nursery – pastel colored bumpers, fitted sheets, blankets with Winnie the Pooh or Peter the Rabbit – Icons I grew up with in England. Perfect bathing set with a nice pastel yellow basin. Multi-colored mobiles etc etc etc

Jai pulled me out before I could do anymore damage to our co-existing budget for the baby.

I was also impressed when I saw the sign MATERNITY in front of Dorothy Perkins. Fancy that. Sophie Dahl whom some may know, was a voluptuous plus size model for DP one time ago before she became a size 4. I guess that’s a great moral of the story I tell Jai – a size 20 woman stripped of her glamour days because she decided to go on a diet, there is life after all *grin*


I guess the shock of my life was to find my good old buddy Jorjie at MAC. He’s working there now since last I saw him which was 3 years ago in Body Shop Mid Valley. I still have my bronzer and being preggy these days I’ve left everything gathering dust – my shu emura mascara and curler, my bronzer, my Dior Kiss lip gloss & eye shadow…the list is endless. Make up has just been a dragging core these days that I’m just dabbing sun block and that’s it. Maybe since Jorjie is there I might pop in for a MAC compact these days…who knows.

My Dior club card & Dior kiss gathering dust as we speak

So I went home, half contend and wished I was already paid that Saturday.


So Jai texted me at 10am yesterday and said “I bet you’re already at Pavilion”. Geez, I’m busted and as you can see below, I guess I did have a shopping spree this time.

Oppss…did I over do it???

So I got myself the preggy jeans (or maternity jeans – with spandex waist) and man it was heaven to be able to adorn jeans again.

I found a nice preggy boutique called 9 months as well. Some may say it’s a bit too much for a lycra cotton blouse pricing from RM109 to RM119 (they’re local as well) but I guess I weigh more on comfort. One in flaming red and one in turquoise.

But I don’t think that THE most expensive blouse I’ve ever bought. To date as per record, the most expensive was a RM300 plus halter neck baby dress from Marciano.

And yes the same Marciano who’s first name is George. Don’t ring a bell yet? How about GUESS *grin* This baby dress was bought in the GUESS Boutique in Lot 10 same time as my pink 20 Years Celebration Watch.

And of course no garment will be complete without shoes. Bought two pairs from LUCCINNI in Berjaya Times Square (yeah I moved on there after Pavillion)
Again being preggy only allows me to wear flats…urgh ultra boring right?

Since I was in BTS, decided to drop into BORDERS. Becky Brandon aka Becky Bloomwood – Sophie Kinsella’s famous character in the Shopaholic Series is now married and pregnant – how exciting is that. So I bought “Shopaholic & baby” and a wonderful Fairy World Jigsaw Puzzle book for Aliya for getting full marks in her Arabic and English.

And all is not complete before stopping at my favorite preserved mango stall – Iz Jeruk (they also have one in SOGO) for my cili padi papaya slices and yellow mango slices with asam boi, cili kering & belacan topping (yeah sounds disgusting but trust me its heaven for a preggy like me)

I also had to rush to Jalan Tun HS Lee RHB to get a new bank book so I decided to head home first with my stuff then head back to RHB.

But since it was a short trip to RHB, I decided to go to Masjid Jamek to buy 3 nice tudungs (trust my shopaholic instinct eh???)

I bought another blouse in SEMUA HOUSE…
And another at MotherCLUB SOGO (another UK based company so it’s a bit pricey but its comfortable) But I think the one in Mid Valley has much more varieties. I guess this one caught my eye since it would be great with the preggy jeans and my black inner and MOD necklace.

Later headed off to the SOGO supermarket before going home – BIG MISTAKE – bought one bottle of carrot juice, Sunkist orange juice (its sour no added sugar – yummy!) and a bag full of chips – Chipster, before finally admitting to myself I was done!

So a huge pile of shopping bags after and tired feet socked in warm water sipping an ice cool concoction of orange and carrot juice – I must admit I’m still a real happy preggy today.

Now lets tidy all the plastic bags up and pretend mommy did not shop that much before Daddy gets a heart attack when he comes home eh? He he he.



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My Brother The ESPN Celebrity

2 minits before Jai comes to fetch me…he he he ok this is just a quick update… 

“Senyap-senyap” my brother is an ESPN Celebrity. I dont subscribe to ESPN so I dont really know there was a show called Football Crazy there. Well gud for him rite?? Anyway I owe him a birthday wish as well but Along is so busy with work that I dont even have time to breathe…forgiven????

Here are some photos of him and the host of ESPN Football Crazy Singaporean Beauty Jamie Yeoh.

You may view the video here —> ESPN FOOTBALL CRAZY

My two brothers Faisal & Faiz

Faisal is back row 3rd from the left and Faiz is 1st from the right front row.

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