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Long Overdue


The view from Pantai Indah Hospital

The title above is quite the statement. Firstly, I didnt make it to the 14 August 2008 we had hoped for. Baby A’aesyah decided to suprise us by being overdued.

And of course this write up is long overdued so its a long one…

20 August 2008

I remember how anxious I was when we walked into my OBYGN’s office that morning with no signs of labour. Maybe I am blessed with a non-text book pregnancy…maybe. So I was set for induced labour on 19th, though I had my heart set on 20th because I was born on the 20th. At least Baby A’aesyah would share the same birth date with me although I was born on February 20th.

That Saturday, my OBYGN’s assistant called to inform me that she would like to speak to me. Suprised, again I took the call anxiously. “No signs yet Dr” I said. Seems that there was something up and she could not make it for 19th so we were set for 20th. The tables have turned. Though I wanted to have this baby on 20th but at the same time I wanted it to be delivered as early as possible.

My parents and Aliya arrived on Monday the 18th and my dad went back to attend to some urgent business matters on Tuesday.

I remembered how I could not sleep the night before. I wanted this so much to be a normal delivery and could not stop praying for one. But little did we know, Baby A’aesyah had a big suprise in store for us.

Aliya anxiosly waiting with her PSP for me outside the Delivery Suite

I came into the Delivery Suite at Pantai Indah Hospital more anxious that I have ever been in my life. Admission was a breeze but I was nervous. Deep down I knew Baby A’aesyah had a huge suprise for us.

By 1.00pm, not even 2cm dialated and Baby A’aesyah’s head not engaged, my OBYGN decided to call the induction quits before it gones beyond our package. I could see there was a concerned look on her face but she tried to remain calm for my sake. If we were to go ahead, there is a posibility Baby A’aesyah’s shoulders might get stuck. I took a deep breath and said “what do you think is best dr?” “I think we’ll go ahead with the C”

I called my husband whom had gone home to see to it that my mum and Aliya has something for lunch. We were set for an Elective Caesarean at 3.00pm.

But then because of the microdysectomy on one of my spine in 1996, there was also grave concern that regional anaestetics did not work. I was given the 101 on possibility of complications on my spine by the anaestheologist. I was nervous enough for the C, now this. If RA does not work, we would have to do GA which was a dangerous to both myself and the baby.

We had to take the chance that RA worked.

Remember how people talk about the long push to the OT before a major operation? That you see your life flash by you. I think its the sight of the neon lights above that gives you that impression. Having had major surgery before, I guess it helps. People forget that Caesareans is a surgical procedure – which explains why the nurses kept asking me what I had for breakfast (which was the only meal I took for 3 days after the C section).

Before the push to OT, the nurses had prep me by puting a caterer for urination. Yes, it sound very uncomfortable but trust me its not. Gave me a cap to cover my hair (which due to its volume I wished I had put into a french plait that morning coz the cap kept coming off)

My husband was given instructions to prepare himself in another room while they placed the epidural through my back.
I was shivering, praying and everything inside me was topsy turvy. I wanted my mom. That was when my OBYGN held my hand. Sitting up astride on the bed, my head proped on the pillow…my OBYGN held my hand – and God it helped. I felt a prick, an electrical prick on my back and suddenly my right leg jumped.

Before long the words I desperately wanted to hear from the anaestologist came – “we’re in!”. Doesnt it just sounds like an expedition to Mars? He he he

I couldnt remember much of the procedure and though I try to put it into words its difficult. I remembered, a lot of shivering (anxious, nervous and cold), people fussing over me, the long “sports” commentary the anestheologist made (which helped because I knew exactly what they were doing), my husband extremely quiet and firmly holding my hand, the soft brush of his palm againts my forehead, the gas mask that obstructed my view sometimes, the faint mirror image I could see of my thigh splattered in blood from the bright OT lights above (though gorry in words but not in real view). Then I remembered a huge purple blob being wisked away, they showed me it was a girl, showed me the tag and then the soft warm cheeks they allowed me to kiss. And the first voice Baby A’aesyah heard was my husband as he recited the holy words into her ear.

So…Baby A’aesyah was born at 3.45pm weighing a heafty 4.11kg at 55cm.


I hate major operations. I’ve had two now and recovery is always hard. At least this one wasnt as bad as the previous one. This time around I didnt vomit and was awake. Makes a huge difference.

But I was so sore which is a bummer. Learning to get out of bed was 3 days of hell. Learning not to be able to use your stomach muscle to get on with daily life is also a party popper. I was on drip for 3 days, no food and no drinks. By day 3 I wanted out badly. I remember my orthopedic surgeons words again after 2 weeks bed riden fromt he first op – if you wanna go home, the prove to me you can walk.
So I did what I did before, place my 100% total inner peseverance (a lot of zikir mind you) and when it hurt I just took deep breaths. I guess it also helps that I am a person who does not like to fuss or bother others – though I keep saying to myself the nurses are paid for duh?


I could only see Baby A’aesyah on the 3rd day in NICU. Who would have ever imagine my baby, in NICU.

Baby A’aesyah – 1 day old – under the O2 mask in the incubator NICU

All mothers wants to be discharged carrying her baby in her arms. I came home without Baby A’aesyah. 3 days after she recovered from phemonia, she had jaundice and they wouldnt allow her home. So, she needed phototherapy.

Baby A’aesyah – 3 days old – under phototherapy in NICU

When she finally came home on Sunday, it was like a huge burden had been lifted and my world was in color again ; )


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Big Break

pregnancy due date

Have you ever had that experience when you saw this really nice frosted icing cake, black forest to be exact, cherries oozing from the layers and decided to buy it but on first bite its not truly as nice as you’ld imagine it? That exactly how I feel right now.

It aint fun waiting. But I have to wait. I’m finally there. 38 going to 39 weeks and its only counting days now. I wish I could just go back to my parent’s hometown since I miss Aliya so much and we wont be seeing each other until the baby comes.

Slowly cleared my desk for the 2 months break on Friday at work and sent out an appreciation email because the dept will be short staffed from Monday onwards.

Well, everything aint thaaat bad. I have my books to read (4 collections of Jane Sasson & 5 books from Sophie Kinsella) and I’ve taken up digital scrapbooking again and making full use of my DP talents to kill time. The Adobe Photoshop needs dusting and I’m rummaging for my DS kits CDs all over the place.

Even grandma have specifically sanction that I am to purely rest at home.

Everything’s bought, packed and ready. The nursery is looking splendid, no need for me to be on my feet and about.


I’ll also be taking leave from blogging and the next you’ll hear from me might be with a new baby!


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