Looking or advertising properties for sale in malaysia?

I’ve been looking around to view properties for sale in malaysia – online that is.

Came across this one which I think is worth checking although the website is in its beta stage.

As you enter the website, photos of featured properties welcome you. And maybe because it is in its beta stage, the properties featured seemed to be only of high rise building.

The tab at the top has Home, Properties, Photos, Answers, more…

I’m also thinking of users from around malaysia, there seemed to be only top locations situated on the website, non of the other states (I’m from JB). Even when I click on properties, I am still not navigated to what I want. Then again, maybe because there are no properties in JB advertised there since when I click on properties, I noticed a listing of locations on my right and only Kuala Lumpur, Negeri Sembila, Penang & Selangor

If you click on photos, you’ll be able to view the photos of the properties themselves and the photos are not limited to only one angle (which I find on most other websites)

There is also a MAP tab at the top, for those interested in knowing where the actual location is, and its a GOOGLE MAP which is handy.

All and all, since this is in its beta stage, I’m sure there is room for improvement but personally I think this is a good (not great) just good site for developers or owners to showcase their properties up for sale.

Click here for more info – property search

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Looking for a room to rent?

Recently I’ve asked to look at this website for Rooms For Rent online, I thought, alangkah bagusnya if this was up 9 years back. I always never know where to look, classified in the papers sometimes never show enough information and I got lost trying to find them on classified websites.

On the first look, it reminded me of http://www.mudah.com.my. Eh macam sama lah? Macam aja. But since I knew it was easier to find rooms (because it is specified for Rooms For Rent only!) than this would be kacang also for students and singletons out there.

Locations are narrowed down to states and covers over 15,000 rooms across Malaysia, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar, Cheras, Setapak, Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, and Penang (hotspots la ni)
But for orang malas-malasan like me, good to know you can key in the search box (I tested “bangsar”) for the place of desire.

There is also an option to view photos – just look for the camera icons next to the title of the advertisement.
So, if you looking why not check the website – a room to rent
p/s they are on twitter too!

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