Saddest in the air…


Starting this entry with a sad note that my mother’s brother (my uncle) passed away Malam Jumaat lepas, after “Yasinan” (this is a jawa word for a reception where a group of men (the Qariah) will go to a certain house to read the Surah Yasin after Isyaq prayers).

From what I heard, he made a right turn on his motorbyke (thinking he had reached home) and hit into a moving trailer. The family is at comfort knowing that :

  • It was Malam Jumaat.
  • Syahid Dunia
  • And most probably he masih dalam air sembahyang.

Truth is, my late uncle tak pernah menyusahkan orang, so when he died, it was so simple, after the post-mortem, the hospital people had mandikan and kafankan his body and it was all prepared for burial. It was drizzling and hujan malam dan siang Jumaat…itu selalunya satu rahmat.

However, my mum is much affected by this – dia banyak termenung especially after sembahyang.

I decided this page to him – Thank you Wak Sor for helping Mama when she was struggling to go to school. Moga Allah swt letakkan Wak Sor di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman.


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