Bad day with the Post Man

Miserable week to be at work I must say. Busy as a bee and fingers non stop pounding on that keyboard of mine.

I found a new recipe for a cooler during these hot summer days. Apple Asam Boi. Just like its twin the Limau Asam Boi, Apple Asam Boi are granny smith green apples juiced and added with 2-3 Asam Boi. Aiyoooooo meletup!

The second cooler for these hot summer days is Coke with Asam Boi. Tear up pieces of Asam Boi into your coke and voila! New drink. Though, apples are far more better than Coke anytime (coke is here is COLA ya..)

Oh the office is moving to 19th floor. That’s the thing, we’re supposed to be a call centre but the environment (nor is the job) is call centre like. Sometimes I find it hard to explain to my friends or relatives what I do for a living. Senang cerita, Pegawai Sumber Manusia. “Oh, jaga gaji orang la ni ya” says my cik su azimah. I nod a yes then I tilt my head a bit and say “Tak ada la jaga gaji tapi tau la juga gaji orang lain berapa”.

People come to work, they find us. People want to start work also it goes to us. People have problem with the self-service online forms, they also call us dan jadilah we orang IT HELPDESK sekejab – that in our job description ka?. People got problem with the gaji not going in, funny but true… payroll call us. Heran kan?

I think all my “adik-adik” and my TL here are jacks of all trades (jane for that matter of fact cause we’re a CONVENT office – all ladies)

The thing about home, it’s where you make home is. For the past one year my cubicle was “home”. I’m not sure what upstairs look like but come Monday all will be revealed. That reminds me to hog the A1 white boxes when I see them. But actually kan, someone already hogging the boxes coz I can see the bundles of A1 paper on the floor. No white pretty box with lid in sight *sigh*

I got my husband to read again somehow. He’s reading Dina Zaman’s I Am Muslim. I’m advancing to book 3 of the Harry Potter Saga and honestly, I understand the story more now that I am doing this marathon. Hubby says, if there was a stand in the kitchen yg boleh pegang buku sambil I masak, he bets it would have been in the kitchen, temankan I while I cook.

But I think the most fascinating event of the whole 2 weeks was my “throwing fits and spits” at POS Malaysia. Who wouldn’t if you find your post like this. See below :

It might have not been the postman after all. It might have been some stupid sick idiotic ningkenpop with no brains who decided to “steal” my Finish stamps.

But then again, if the postman had been doing his job well enough, I bet you, it would not have come to this.

The place I live in is nice. Near to the LRT Station (I remembered my land lady saying “aiyaa 3 saat saja sula nampak itu LRT woo”), there is a grocery shop within walking distance and the akak that seals burger at the carpark, her nasi lemak is to die for. But the community is not one that I can be proud off la. Typical Malays who like to gather around and gossip. Typical Chinese who sing 80s karaoke when the nearby surau’s azan can be heard and typical Indians who stay at home and don’t nampak their batang hidung.

We’re waiting for the house in Subang to be ready and I think its just how the “sifat kejiranan” is slowy diminishing. I don’t think things will make a turn around when I move to Subang anyway. I prefer my kampong house in Parit Sulong (yes, I can safely say its my house coz my dad da like slow talk and say who gets who and who gets what). At least there is a reason to not see your jiran when your next door neighbour is roughly the distance of 3 houses away. But my future neighbours are my uncles and aunties. Masakan tak bertegur sapa ye dak? 20 years in retirement seems like a long time…but I would not hesitate (if I had the financial capacity) to pack and move balik kampong. Deep down I am homely…that part of me will never change.

So ok..back to the story of my living space right now. You see, susah-susah we all put nice big red post boxes at the bottom of the stairs, paint in big letters and numbers our unit number and bought little padlocks to lock em. There was even a kind resident who placed a red basket near the boxes for letters of those without a red post box or wrongly addressed.

I am thinking these people tak ada important mail kut so they don’t get paranoid about it.

Well, behold the typical curi tulang makan gaji buta postman who did the unthinkable. The whole bundle of mail for my block, together with the humongous rubber band color grey tu, was nicely “chucked” into the red bakul. He didn’t EVEN bother to place the mail into the boxes. I realize after a few times, my mail was in the basket. Sometimes dah terkena tempias hujan…and other times smell of cat pee.

But then, they say, sabar itu separuh dari iman. Ya memang, but an act of despicable proportions macam di atas tu is not worth my patience. All of my patience.

I decided to send my ever famous complaint email (McDonalds, Rapid KL, TESCO, Carefour… name it, I’ve mailed it )

Moral of the story here, don’t mess with customer service personale, especially those who cater difficult though nuts – internal and external customers from every corner of the world every day. I admit, we are the police of what it means when people pay you for your service and we are very very very difficult customers.

So an email was sent to the CSO of POS Malaysia. 

the email – click on image to view larger

When they send a reply asking my address and phone number, I replied. Apa nak takut, betul apa? So I sent them.

They called me, to my disliking while I was in the mids of a global conference call. I had to put my AVAYA set on mute and rush out of the office to questionable looks around. Its common curtosy to ask your client –  what time is convenient to call..all CSO knows that!

What pissed me off next was what the other person on the other line had to say :

“Cik ke yang ada buat complain pasal tak dapat surat dah 3 bulan?”

Aiyoooooooooooooo. WTF. I hate to repeat myself but someone’s got to say something to make things right?

For some they might say, alah apa nak bising, its not like kita paying their salary. Besides, people hardly go to the Post Office nowadays to send letters or let alone buy stamps. Its usually, to pay bills. Ni kan zaman internet. Sedangkan bills pun boleh bayar online, apatah lagi tulis surat.

Now that’s where, when it comes to me, I for one, due to my fascination with stamps on a cards, buy stamps by the Puluh Ringgit. Yes Puluhan Ringgit.

I am a POSTCROSSER. I like to keep my postcards this way –

So…not only silap besar to not put the mail properly for a POSTCROSSER but silap teramat BESAR lah to curi my precious stamps and send my postcard to its grave yang sedemikian rupa. I nearly cried when I saw the condition the postcards was….

The stamps must have been beautiful…such a great loss.
So what is a POSTCROSSER you may ask.

  • He or She collects stamps..on a card usually a postcard.
  • He or She also sends postcards to random people throughout the whole world.
  • He or She also receives a random postcard from people throughout the whole world

The majority of Postcrossers prefer the below:

The online registry is very organized but very slow at times. I usually join the forums for my Round Robin sessions which is faster.

Round Robins can be in any form –  a tag or even groups. They usually have themes like which is good because you can decide to join which ones you like to see which postcards you want to send or receive.

To date I have lost count of how many postcards I’ve sent. Banyaklah jugak. Through these postcards I’ve known other languages, other cultures..buildings, sceneries…like my postcrossing buddies used to say “benda yang you tak boleh belajar dari Discovery Channel” *sengih*

Yesterday when I checked my post box, there was 3 postcards waiting for me and I know more will follow. At least the postman did well today…small steps to bring about big improvements. I just hope I don’t “mengamuk” again soon – not the least la – since I change my postal address to my husband’s office instead. We’ll have to see then.

To view my postcard collection go here –

My postcrossing blog – 

Have a great weekend! Peace out!



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  1. Pearly

    i think this is somewhere near the HSBC bank at Masjid Jamek!!!

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