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I’m way past due

pregnancy due date

I’m sure I’m way past due for my updates…but hold on to your horses, I’m not due yet. We have yet to pop – I am at 32 weeks now, bigger than ever and extremely tired.

Although the OBYGN scan took a few weeks back showed am 2 weeks ahead in my calculation (which by right I am 30 weeks only) I strongly beg to differ that I think or rather I feel – I am going to pop out sooner than I think or even the OBYGN tells me I will.

You know what, looking at what I’ve written, my blog is sounding more like a pregnancy blog before you know it.

So Jai, my husband did not celebrate father’s day in high fashion. It was very low key – instead he did a wonderful job of cooking my favourite indonesian dish “terung berlado” or deep fried eggplant cooked with hot & spicy sambal – with my strict guidance of course *giggles* I blame only myself for not getting off my lazy butt to see if he had cooked the eggplant thoroughly. I poked and poked at the hard eggplant and asked if he had deep fried it like I fried fish. He nodded. I was still unsatisfied. I asked if it was slightly golden brown. He nodded. I took the “victim” and placed it on his plate. “Can you tell me where you went wrong?” He looked at me questionably.

It was then that it hit me – what an ungrateful blotted pregnant ***** I was. How many husbands out there would be ever so kind enough to cook you a decent “lauk” (meal) for lunch knowing you cant even get off your own butt and would rather go hungry than cook. I swear I wanted to slap myself hard for being utterly selfish. I paused and said “the sambal is nice…better luck next time ok Ayang…” and gave him a kiss.

I hope he loves me more for being honest to the cyber world. I have a very very very good husband and sometimes I fail to notice that.

My bad ayang….

And when I came home today, I saw the perfect gift – The Expectant Father : Facts, Tips and Advice for Dads-to-Be by Armin A. Brott & Jennifer Ash. It was only RM5. In it I scribbled hastly – Especially for Daddy, Happy Father’s day, Love Mama@Ayang, Aliya & Adik.

A peace offering of some sort I guess he he he


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