Love your bumps


I’ve not visited myspace for quite sometime now. Bersawang (Cobwebs)

Yesterday I came across a posting made by my fren’s sister who had recently given birth.

I kinda felt for her. Especially the part where she writes

Usually these bimbo comments either comes from people who have never been pregnant, or people who forgot what they had been through because it happens yonks ago, hipokrits and old biddies. Dah boleh agak la. Even before they opened their bimbo mouth pun aku dah boleh agak dorang nak ckp pasal apa. I am not blind, I know I look fat compared to my pre-pregnancy state but did ya really need to point it out loud to me? Hati busuk sungguh. Women yg baru melahirkan anak and those non-hipokrits never ever would have said those kind of things to orang yang tengah berpantang. Because firstly, they are realistic and secondly, they know how hard it is to lose the weight.

According to a survey done by a UK magazine in 2005 95% of moms think celebs losing weight so drastically after giving birth puts immense and unwelcome pressure on ordinary mums. In Malaysia its worse because we’ve gotten so accustomed to all those old wives regim of berpantang etc. Reason being 1.Takut suami lari (husbands will stray away)..becoz a fat wife is not desired.

Well I pity those who have husbands such as that. I pity them more because they base their marriage on that.  I cannot deny there are men who just stray away – even if they have a stick straight gorgeous wife. Sorry guys but men like these are pigs – there I said it.

I’m glad for her and for myself as well as for all ladies out there who HAVE husbands that love them as they are.

It all boils down to the one friend writes in his blog

Tidak perlu mencari teman secantik balqis,
andai diri tak sehebat sulaiman.
Mengapa mengharap teman setampan Yusof jika kasih tak setulus hati.
Tak perlu mengharap teman seteguh Ibrahim,
andai diri tak sekuat Siti Hajar.
Dan mengapa didambakan teman bak Siti Khadijah kalau diri tak sempurna Rasulullah.
Bimbinglah dirinya dan terimalah kekurangan itu sebagai keunikan, carilah kebaikan pada diri, bersyukur kerana dipertemukan dengannya dan tetaplah berdoa agar dia terus menjadi milikmu..selamanya, dunia dan akhirat.


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