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We Are Just Doing Fine…

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 We are doing well and fine.

A’aesyah is 4.6kg now

I’m having a blast with the new baby obviously. Another “dotter” to dot on he he he!

A’aesyah is one month old now and she’s gotten into a pretty good routine.

As you can see from Kakak’s face (Aliya), we’re still exhausted but having fun.

Of course there isnt much a new born does other than sleep…


and sleep

and sleep.

The only difference now that she’s one month old, she loves waking up to Kakak’s Horsie (far right next to her), whom she has frequent cooings with 😉

She definately knows how to throw a good conversation when the brown stalion is around – with coos and gaas and aas.

A’aesyah is definately an explorer. We watch Shane the Sheep at 5 am on Disney and Teletubbies during the day. She loves Raihan – the only lullaby she wants when she sleeps.

I can see a huge difference today when she seemed to enjoy her bathtime on a different level all together.

One thing I notice as well, she hates to be in wet nappies even if its for 5 seconds, demands me to instantly change her (Anthea Turner will be so proud to have ardent fan) and I never dare to be late with her feedings (her fits she reminds me of Gordon Ramsey on Hell’s kitchen). Too much AFC input I guess ha ha ha.

But all in all, she is a



….heafty baby girl. Even Kakak have conversations with her that I dont even know heck what they are about (gal talk I guess). Indeed she is special in her own little way

…and I am one proud mom of the new addition to our family.



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