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Bila Adik Da Pandai….

Atas permintaaan ramai….I buka balik blog ni…LOL..sabarje lah

Tau tak apa dia ‘kutil” tu?

*Mencubit dengan menggunakan hujung kuku

Agak-agak rasa sakit atau rasa geli ????

Let the photos do the talking!


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It’s been nice….but we have to move on

I need space for my creativeness.

So I guess am moving on to better places , but my older post will still be here….


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When she doesnt want to go to sleep…

I try to get A’aesyah away from the endoi* routine. I’m lucky that her babysitter swears off using the endoi* to get her to sleep so the RM500plus crib I bought her was in good use…she was tossing and turning…even managed to sneek her hand BEYOND the BUMPER (I panic for a while…adjusted the bumper back)

But as you can see…sometimes…she just wants to play even if its bedtime…but who can resist that cute cubby cheeks of hers. I refrained myself from picking her up….and true enough she feel asleep on her own…




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The Mystery of the Bumbo Seat

We are again in search of the ultimate peralatan-superforce* for A’aesyah. This time it comes in the form of a seat – a bumbo seat to be precise.
No…it has nothing to do with Dumbo the Elephant or the jumbo jet.

A’aesyah is getting restless by the day and constantly wants to sit up rite. And she is a handful (cant say heavy, in Malay Society it is considered a taboo to say that a baby is heavy)

So I blog hopped and found a review which was pretty convincing for me to go ahead and buy it. Read here

Yes yes yes its costly – me saying to DH BUT I think it would do A’aesyah and our arms some justice.

Our first clue was my favourite mother & baby store – MOTHERCARE. There is one in Pavillion and once “chut-leong” it will definate be our first destination.
Till then…

From Mothercare

…meanwhile…I just love this bumbo video….

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Portraits before and after death….

Maybe it was by chance that I can across this today….and having a look at all those photos…I just feel like I wanna curl up in my bed with silence around me…maybe becoz I knew people who died of cancer…
Be sure to read the text accompanying the photos.
“This somber series of portraits taken of people before and after they had died is a challenging and poignant study. The work by German photographer Walter Schels and his partner Beate Lakotta, who recorded interviews with the subjects in their final days, reveals much about dying – and living.”

Portraits before and after death….

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Glamour Girl To The Rescue…

Every Mommy’s wish…Every Villain’s Nightmare….


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Do I have the makings of a good blogger?

It time to vote….

My site was nominated for Hottest Mommy Blogger!
My site was nominated for Best Blog About Stuff!
My site was nominated for Best Blog Design!
My site was nominated for Best Parenting Blog!


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