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A Special Dedication


Am dedicating today’s page to two special people who are dear and close to my heart.

First is my MIL, Mama Siti.
This is an advance mother’s day dedication…

Thank you for giving birth today 28 years ago to a very special man.Your wisdom and strenght has made him the man he is now, confident through all hardships, someone who is kind and loves his family very much. Thank you for making him a ‘good daddy’ to Aliya Maisarah who adores him senseless. For also making him a man who loves you and your family and to my family. He is a good son, son in law and a good brother & brother in law to his siblings.

Mama, you have made him great as this.

Thank you for providing him in times when he was struggling through his studies in Jasin and UTM Skudai. Thank you for telling him the future will be bright for him and that he will be someone successful. He is an expert in his own field and he brings his boss and company great pride and wealth.

Thank you for teaching him all the good values mankind can ever posses. For making him a good husband, partner and best friend. Thank you for teaching him kindless and the greatness of love. For making him a man who is true to his wife and makes sure she deserves the best.

For this, I am grateful and pray that Allah swt will provide you with all his grace and love and keep you from harm’s way, bring you good health and prosperity.

Secondly, my darling husband Izardy.
Happy 28th Birthday.

You are my light house and I was a lost ship when you found me. Today is a great day for you, it is the day you were born to this world. It is a great day to celebrate.

Words cannot express how much I love you for loving and for accepting me as I am, the good and the bad. Allah swt couldn’t have given me a better man and though many have filled my life, my heart only belongs to you till my last breath and I wish for you that I will met at the gates of heaven.

I wish I could fill your day today with all your dreams that you wish will come through but I am only a helpless human being and I do not possess the power to give you all the things you want in this world. However I have not stop praying to Allah swt that he may grant you all your wishes and dreams.

Happy Birthday AYANG…



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Bahrain or Dubai

Amazingly I havent gotten SQ’s bad nerves today, our SC from Australia. Before EOD yesterdayI did send a mail asking if the details were correctly of those to the one that was in the system. Hah! true enough she sent a very very very very EXTRA nice email today to me confirming it was. Must be the gloriousnous of holy Friday. What a nice day to start work. Still waiting for SC our SC from India with new of the two new ppl but turn out there was nothing in my inbox. I hope she’s email soon. I hate to do last minute work since I wanna go back at 2000 hours sharp for Ayang’s birthday.

Ayang has been contemplating about working in Dubai and Bahrain. But then again his big brother Duan says its not worth it since they really wring you like a sponge when you work for this Pak Arab companies. Its been a few months now and we have been looking through options in the papers and also at useful sites such as

I am however excited that it wont be long till we decided to move somewhere else if Ayang takes that huge step in his career.

Its not that I don’t love working for this company rite now but if my husband has to move, I would have to follow. So far this the best in store and it’s a plus mark being able to work with people from all over the world (my boss is in Ohio, the collegue in the cubicle next to me is from Korea (shout out to Jas!) I work with people from all walks of life in the Asia Pacific and I get the weekend off)

But I had dream last night that I was somewhere else with Ayang. NZ perharps?

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Ouch my back!

I feel a lot better today. The meds Doc Zanariah gave from the clinic was much better. She did ask why I haven’t seen a spine specialist yet. I said I did go to the Ortopedic clinic of GH but they can only book me for an appointment on May 10, 2007. I know it sucks and my body is just adjusting till I see a proper spine doctor.
We then went to see Doc Lee in Kepong because I think he owns the only clinic that has a EMS machine. In simple terms an electronic machine is used to stimulate the muscles. In more complicated terms it is a low voltage waveform, applied through conductive pads, placed at strategic points on the body, to stimulate muscle motor nerves.

Normally when we exercise the brain sends signals via the spinal cord to nerve sensors which cause our muscles to expand and contract. As we continue to exercise lactic acid builds up in and around the muscle and we start to tire.

An EMS machine works by applying a controlled signal to stimulate the same nerve sensors, causing the muscle to expand and contract. The increased blood flow to the muscles helps deliver the essential nutrients for recovery, speeding up the rehabilitation process. The work relaxation cycle of an EMS machine also facilitates the removal of lactic acid from the muscles, allowing them to relax quicker.

Frankly I feel a lot relax when I came back. I sleep better (having been able to get a 10 hour sleep is a miracle last night) and woke up more vibrant and happier.

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When it doesnt stop rainning..

The weather’s been crazy these pass few months with some days blistering hot and others raining cats and dogs.
Got home all sweaty and tired. As much as its economical to take the Monorail & Rapid Land Transit Rail System (LRT) to and fro, there can be days where I wished there was a car waiting outside my office and drove me back home. Oh ya..I forgot.. that would be my husband *grin*But darling hubby was in Pahang for one night and out of all the nights I need him, tonight was the night I needed him most *shrugs*

However I took a moment to ponder on what my TL said today in office. As much as it comforting to have some send to and take you home from work, its much more economical to take the Monorail and the LRT. I couldn’t agree with her more.

After a long shower and dinner (4 slices of 12 grain bread with Cheese, toasted lightly) & orange/carrot/cucumber juice (which I juiced the morning before I went to work), I decided to do a couple of back stretches in between watching The Amazing Race All Stars, to see if it might help. I held them for a pain staking 15 seconds and did about 10. I noticed a slight relief 10 minutes after (when CSI NY came on).

Sometimes I think its the cold wind in the air when it rains that causes my muscle to inflame. I remember my mom complaining on the aches she feels after doing the dishes. She has arthritis on her right arm so we often did the dishes at night for her. So I’ve decided to snug up to my big cotton quilt tonight (dragging it to the hallway then to the living room coz I hate to sleep alone when my hubby’s not around).

Taking another sip of my favorite juice, I can’t help to remember, when my family back in Johor was struck with the flash flood. Though they weren’t hit hard, every single day and night I feared for how they would survive the ordeal. Mom was telling me how it rained non-stop that you couldn’t see the sky. At times, I too wanted to cry when I heard her trying to hold back the tears when she told me of how the water had destroyed everything she had nurtured in her garden.

Now whenever I’m in pain, because I think my ligaments or muscles are inflamed…I think about how my mom would feel during those days when she had the arthritis and when the rain didn’t stop. I can’t help to think how my dad’s back might have ache when he piggy backed my daughter to school in the flood waters.

Then my mind wonders to those family who wear hit hard by the floods…will they ever recover.

Then I remembered what my husband said, that Allah swt test those who consider themselves as believers….that we may become patient…that we may become better believers.

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Hot Peri-Peri Kue Teow


Though I came home feeling tired today, I cant help but feel guilty if I didnt prepare dinner (or maybe supper) for my husband when he comes home.

Besides, I’ve already taken my shower and am all clean and squecky.

It is again not a good enough excuse to leave my husband coming home from an outstation job, all tired and hungry.

So I decided to make my favourite 15 minute Hot Peri-Peri Kueh Teow (Kueh Teow is a type of rice noodle that looks like Fettucini)

Hot Peri-Peri Kueh Teow
1 packet of Kueh Teow
2 table spoon of dried chillies (grinded)
1 table spoon of sweet soy sauce
1 table spoon of salted light soy sauce
2 eggs
a small bowl of cabbage (juliane)
a dash of seasoning
a dash of salt
5 cloves of garlic (pounded in a motar)
100 grams of fresh prawns
1 table spoon of oil for frying
1 stalk of spring onions.

Heat wok and place 1 table spoon of oil.
Stir fry the chillies first for a good 2 minutes
Then add in and stir fry the garlic.
Add in and stir fry the prawns.
Add in and stir fry the eggs.
Stir fry for another good 2 minutes.
Add in and stir fry the Kueh Teow and cabbage.
Dash in the 1 table spoon of salted light soy sauce and the 1 table spoon of sweet soy sauce.
Add seasoning.
Stir fry for another good 2 minutes.
Garnish with finely chopped spring onions.

Bon Appetite!

*lets just pray darling hubby likes this tonite.


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Agonizing 30 mins

…oh the 30 last minutes before I clock out during PM shift is always dragging…almost killing. Today its almost like suicidal self mutilation and strangulation. My ayang (affectionate name I call my hubby) is off with his BB (big boss) to somewhere in between Pahang and Trengganu.
This is the second outstation job he goes to for the whole month and next week he is off to Brunei for 5 days (I wanna follow…why kenot aaa!!)

I’ve been refreshing the pages very hard and hoping that there are no jobs coming in from APAC. Please please please…not in the best of mood today because I think my sciatic pain is giving me a heluv joy ride today (so to speak) that I lost my all strength to do anything.

Ok…22 minutes and counting…WHAT@^..%!#@&*? only 8 minutes have passed since.

Aiyo…how to stand like this…notice that time goes so slow when you wait on it.
Another refresh. Takdak la! Dont have hehehehe. Ok. Let mind wander off on good thoughts..good thoughts…

…eh today whats on ASTRO….hmmm

..when is Grey Anatomy on eh…

…oh Hanie liked the MP3 collection…cool…

…must get Cicakman VCD next month…
Another refresh. I knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7.42…another offer came in…I HATE MONDAYS!!!

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A Muslim A Day

Alhamdulillah, my first few contributions have made it to A-Muslim-A-Day. 

First is photo of my brother and sister in law during the wedding lunch


And second is a photo of my youngest brother and uncles during the wedding feast cook-out


Hijabman says that:  “The main thrust of Muslim-A-Day is simply to show the multiple facets of Muslims lives. The best ideas always seem to be the simplest ones, don’t they? Here we are, you and I, presented each day with images of Muslims as the enemy… the veiled, bearded, mysterious enemy that worships a God named Allah. That’s where Muslim-A-Day enters. Muslim-A-Day aims to provide you with a photograph of a Muslim everyday. Here, you’ll find Muslims in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some have piercings, some wear the veil, some are clean shaven, some are even Malaysian (Imagine that!). They all believe in Al-lah. Literal translation? The [One] God. When the opportunities presented themselves, I captured the faces that touched me. I love to witness the reflection of the Divine in all that I experience; I love to make you a witness by posting these photos.”  A-Muslim-A-Day also consist of contributors from all walks of life. Visit to look at this wonderful addition to the world wide web.

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