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The Mystery of the Bumbo Seat

We are again in search of the ultimate peralatan-superforce* for A’aesyah. This time it comes in the form of a seat – a bumbo seat to be precise.
No…it has nothing to do with Dumbo the Elephant or the jumbo jet.

A’aesyah is getting restless by the day and constantly wants to sit up rite. And she is a handful (cant say heavy, in Malay Society it is considered a taboo to say that a baby is heavy)

So I blog hopped and found a review which was pretty convincing for me to go ahead and buy it. Read here

Yes yes yes its costly – me saying to DH BUT I think it would do A’aesyah and our arms some justice.

Our first clue was my favourite mother & baby store – MOTHERCARE. There is one in Pavillion and once “chut-leong” it will definate be our first destination.
Till then…

From Mothercare

…meanwhile…I just love this bumbo video….


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