About Me

About This is about me..

  • my daily happenings

  • my family
  • my friends
  • my work

  • my passion

  • my home

welcome to my life.

Beauty is brief…the only thing left are eternal memories


5 responses to “About Me

  1. slmz
    my name is bilal. i am from south africa. found your blog from muslim a day, where i also contribute. i am coming to malaysia on sat and will be there for a week. was hoping to meet some locals- i just like making friends and meeting muslims wherever i travel.
    please contact me if possible.

  2. Ish, anak cina ke anak jawa nih? Kih3!

  3. Used2BUrClsFriend

    Salam.I don’t understand why u nvr search for me like i did.N ways,bring tears to hv an idea of latest developemnt & of course all the pic in ur blog especially Alya. Can’t believe hwo time flies… She’s Std 1 already? Hv got 2 little Khalifas. The older one Haziq is turning 6 yrs & my youngest Khalifah Iman Farhan is turning 2 yrs in Dec. Dunno if u feel the same,but i do miss hvg u as a friend.Am sure we both hv hijrah to be in better positions.Looking forward for a reply from u.

  4. Razif manan

    Menarik…..kampung saya di Pt. Sulong….dah berhijrah. Tengok laman web u ni…teringat i kat kampung halaman…Pt. Tegak tu slalu saya berbasikal kesana…..Jambatan Pt. sulong…..

    K…tq…web yang menarik

  5. I would like to discuss something with you. Please email me at islamify [at] gmail [dot] com. Jazakhallah

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