Eidul Adha – Part Two

An extremely wet and flooding Eidul Adha Celebration this year…it was pouring from midnite on the eve until midday itself..


…even the chickens and my uncle’s live turkey hated the bad weather…they were sulking underneath my aunt’s stop-over hut (just a hut to sleep – my grandma’s house is the main venue to gather around)


But it didnt stop the “adat mengunjung” (families and friends bring to each other’s house and exchanged what was cooked for the festive season that day)
My daughter did the honors…


and my 80plus old granma still has the strength to brave the heavy downpoor to bring rendang…lontong…

My mom said…when it rains and it rains and it rains….it just means staying at home and enjoy the feast with a hot cup of local brewed kopi o…nice


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