I renewed my relationship with my faithful….



I renewed my relationship with my faithful “steamer” & “stove” last weekend with my love for fish – mackerel to be precise. I made LAKSAM – less coconut milk with loads of fresh “ulam” for detoxification as well. I’ve been shedding hair like a cat lately and this I blame to not only hormone in balance, A’aesyah blowing raspberries and unbalanced diet. This gave me the opportunity to make use of mom’s gift from Adik’s wedding – 2 dipping & sauce bowls with matching lids & spoon. I simply love the English Country Rose design on them…reminds me of those old china pots and dishes.



Of course making LAKSAM does mean you have to slave yourself more than 5 hours with the steamer but since I know digging into those cruncy veges and soft mackerel meat with that creamy sauce, that zing from the hot bird eye chillies of the sambal belacan and that wif of anchovies from the budu, its worth the slaving and waiting.

Abah…I specifically followed your advise this time around and made the rolled up sushi like without fillings of rice rolls as thinly as they come. I also added 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil to the batter, so this time they rolled perfectly…I had accomplished making the PERFECT LAKSAM although I am not from Kelantan or Trengganu – hebat kan?



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4 responses to “I renewed my relationship with my faithful….

  1. janatunaliya

    en_me : hi uols…he he he


    Kedah’s laksam is a bit different from Terengganu’s & Kelantan’s. it got sour fish soup with a ‘lemak’ hint in it. ‘laksa Kuala Kedah’(u can find it in almost every ‘pasar malam’ in kedah) is also quite distinctive with not-so-sour fish soup with grated coconut added. the soup is quite dark (they put a lot deal of belacan, no wonder), the grated coconut is mixed with green chillies & other ingredients.

    Itu saja yg saya tau. Yg lain tunggu orng lain hantar..

  3. janatunaliya

    Gerakkhas : Thank u for the insights

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