Celebrating my one year anniversary…

Sometimes I sit infront of my pc, quietly at a small corner cubicle of my dept’s office space, just behind me my TL, and wonder what I am doing here.

and sometimes when I think of the past one year tenure ship…and the stuff I’ve been exposed to…I’ve been able to enjoy…the good and the bad…and compare to the BAD that has happend before…I think I am blessed

With economic downfalls in every part of the world now, I am actually glad I still have a good paying job.

I’m also glad I have people who care still around me…and people who dont care no longer around me (but I do pray they are in better places now)

I’m however sad that people I’ve enjoyed their company & friendship…are no longer with us in the dept or company…Krishna, you’re deeply missed…Valerie, I have no one to talk fashion, holidays & handbags with, how sad…Prakash, miss ur football talks & Johor MPs…Alvin, my exceptions are so kecoh now…no more breaks courtesy of you…no more cit cats of photography…

However, I know I owe a big thank you for me still surviving here to some very special ppl in the team during my one year tenureship here….


Ee Vern – my beloved mentor…thank you for paving me the way…for being patient with me

Zaireen – Good friend…sister…thank you for being there tru thick & think

Nicholas – The exceptional leader who never stops believing in you…thank you sir!

Reuban – YOu’re the best trainning mate I ever had, congratulations as well

& last but not least Siti – Thank you for being the most patient TL on earth…your leadership is out of this world!!

My new year resolution for me being in the dept – to do better than ever…I am putting my heart & soul into this job.


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