Sometimes I forget to breathe…

My TL tells me this….

So does my husband…

Today on the phone, I told my mom this. I’m blessed I have a mom who is just like my BFF.

Life without a baby is hectic as it is…with a baby is 9 on the rectar scale. SO today I took a breather. Even so I feel selfish for having time to myself – when I think of what my husband thinks. (Rasa bersalah lah tu…)

Besides jalan2 in BB to unwind, there is also this :

Farah Maizura's Facebook profile

I just love it….

Anyway….We are having sports day tmrw so….I’ll post the pics then.

In the mean time…Pooh is having more luck than he did yesterday….I got the photo to prove it kekekekekek

Lilypie 1st Birthday PicLilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

Lilypie Next Birthday PicLilypie Next Birthday Ticker


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