Old photos…

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Somehow I am very grateful for my most diligent brother Faisal, on his continuous effort of scanning the family photos.

I found some which brought back wonderful memories.

Of when we lived in Brighton…and school there.

Of the cold winter we experienced while we were there in 1984…

And then I found some old college photos…now that brought back loads of memories, especially that first year and my dorm friends…Wonder where they are now?

From Left Top – Naizatul (Ulu Tiram, JB) & Azie (Muar, Johor)
From Left Bottom (Sitting) – Kak Ina (Batu Gajah, Perak) Elynn (Lumut, Perak) Rina (Selangor or Kuala Lumpur) & Me

If you happend to be the beautiful lady in the above photo or know them, pls drop me a line here…sure would like to get back in touch with those I have lost touch with.


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