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I guess certain events naturally mature your child. When I was pregnant with A’aesyah I was so afraid of Aliya’s reaction.

Being the eldest sister, surprisingly the memories of compromising and sharing and always being in the background had left a mark that made me feel “am not the most favorable child” vividly in my mind.

Me – 5 years old with new born bro Faiz (1985)

A similar shot of Aliya – 8 years old with new born sis A’aesyah (2008)

I wouldn’t want Aliya to feel that way. I want all my children to feel that they are my favorite in every way and that they can do no wrong in my eyes. They deserve every inch of my attention without compromising anything.

Often enough I hear sighs from Aliya. Of recent was one that broke my heart “Why do you always take adik’s photo and not mine?”

Without hesitating I took out my mobile phone and captured as many shots as I can. I even took a photo of that old milk teeth that was bugging her and the after shots after the extraction and told her I will blog about it.

Alhamdulillah, I’ve never heard any painful complaints of having to compromise so much for A’aesyah from her so far. Instead, I am amazed of how brilliant Aliya is as an eldest sister.

I am even more surprised that amongst my folders in the pc, there is a folder belonging to her and in it a list of her own miniature blogs – yet to be published ;). One of them was one titled – Ini adik saya.

Her blog writes – Ini adik saya. Nama adik saya A’aesyah. Dia sayang saya dan saya sayang dia.

Amin. Sejuk perut mak sorang ni….


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