My Mom on Astro Oasis Channel 106

We’d like to start the posting with an Eidul Fitri Wish to all readers, friends and family. Sorry we couldnt get a Eidul Fitri Family Photo, A’aesyah is sure a handful these days.

One thing for sure, Turquoise is the new black during this year’s celebration – my bro in law Duan’s family was seen in it, my uncle in law Joe was wearing it & my best buddy Zaireen’s family was wearing the color too!!

Anyway…on a different note…

My daughter and myself had a huge shock of our lives during the 2nd last day of fasting before Eidul Fitri. Its customary to tune in to ASTRO OASIS (Channel 106) for the zikir.

While we were watching the “perkara-perkara sunat yang boleh dilakukan menjelang Aidilfitri”, my daughter Aliya shouted in excitement when perchance she saw a really really familiar photo. “Mama…OPAH!” – Opah is what she calls my mother or in other words in means Grandma.

Alhamdulillah that the photo was used for ibadah but then again I dont remember anyone from ASTRO asking my family for the permission of the photos to be used. I can say its a violation to my mom’s privacy and copyright issues of my personal blog (though its nice to see that my mom’s sense of dressing is considered “terbaik”). It an Ibadah slide show yes…..but does it hurt to ask before using the photo?

The photo must have been taken from this posting I did back in 2007 – Barzanji the highlight of a muslim wedding.

Below is the “evidence” my daughter captured *sigh*

Any rep from ASTRO Oasis care to comment????


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