Big Break

pregnancy due date

Have you ever had that experience when you saw this really nice frosted icing cake, black forest to be exact, cherries oozing from the layers and decided to buy it but on first bite its not truly as nice as you’ld imagine it? That exactly how I feel right now.

It aint fun waiting. But I have to wait. I’m finally there. 38 going to 39 weeks and its only counting days now. I wish I could just go back to my parent’s hometown since I miss Aliya so much and we wont be seeing each other until the baby comes.

Slowly cleared my desk for the 2 months break on Friday at work and sent out an appreciation email because the dept will be short staffed from Monday onwards.

Well, everything aint thaaat bad. I have my books to read (4 collections of Jane Sasson & 5 books from Sophie Kinsella) and I’ve taken up digital scrapbooking again and making full use of my DP talents to kill time. The Adobe Photoshop needs dusting and I’m rummaging for my DS kits CDs all over the place.

Even grandma have specifically sanction that I am to purely rest at home.

Everything’s bought, packed and ready. The nursery is looking splendid, no need for me to be on my feet and about.


I’ll also be taking leave from blogging and the next you’ll hear from me might be with a new baby!



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2 responses to “Big Break

  1. bertuah punyer kawan…..*%#”*&%

    wei this will be last time i hunt you down k…..

    *Happy for you darling! Take care! Miss U Very Much!*

  2. janatunaliya

    Susleen jangan la marah…aku tetap sayang kau la…dan kau sentiasa dalam ingatan aku

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