When you have faith…

 I’m waiting for 6am to rush up to 13th floor Surau to make Subuh Prayers and to calm myself down.

I came in at 4.30am. Not bad…not a lot of work just pressure from certain individuals.

Work is getting a bit more stressful these days. So many inflictions…rules..oh the list goes on. You cant even take MC or AL nowadays without feeling at peace or rasa bersalah. And at times I feel really really really under the weather but I have to force myself to go to work. I’m also on my 3rd trimester so imagine the weight and burden right now.

So unfair…
Did I tell you I had a major emergency on 30th April? My BP was 170 (high ok!) and doc at Bounstead sent me home *sigh* I had headaches but decided to go to work anyway. Suddenly at work the screen was blur, my stomach was doing summersaults. When I went home, I slept the whole day.

But tell me, how fun izzit going to work is all we get is pressure. How can we perform if all we get is pressure to perform.

*pause – rush to 13th floor for Subuh*

I opened up my drawer – took out my Asma Ul Husna (Rahsia & Amalan 99 Nama Allah – looked at 10 & 11

10 – penjagaan dr org zalim
11 – menundukkan org2 sombong

Understanding the 99 Names of Allah – Rahsia & Amalan 99 Nama Allah

I guess there is a difference to having faith and not having one.

In the meantime do read my writings from Raden Galoh. I think she’s a brave and fantastic woman. Cekal.


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