Laptopless, anesthetical awareness & food cravings

After two weeks of laptopless (if ever there was a word) my darling husband has decided to piece together a pc for me. So effortlessly, he spent the whole weekend going here and there…and low yatt and back and forth; just like putting a jigsaw puzzle back together – casing, motherboard, monitor…and VOILA! I have a personal computer to work on *giggles*

Kita ayang Ayang lah!

Iznt my darling of a hubby a genius…*giggles* I get to play ZUMA DELUXE again and it sure beats watching DVDs….

But I do have recommendations :

Do watch – 27 Dresses & Over Her Dead Body


But do do please please watch AWAKE

Personally – because I have semi experience what Hayden Christensen’s character experienced in the movie. You see, every year one in 700 people wake up during surgery which they call “anesthetical awareness“. Its a condition when anesthesia fails during surgery, leaving one completely conscious and feeling every incision, but paralyzed and incapable of doing anything about it.

Why I say semi experienced is because unlike Clay (Christensen’s character), I had “anesthetical awareness” in the mids of my operation. For those who know me personally, the knew I had a microdisectomy for my proplased disc in 1996 (yeah….I have an 8 inch scar vertically to prove this)

I remember counting backwards from 10 in the OT, then woke up in the middle of it feeling this huge burning aching pain (like someone pouring lemon juice over an open cut wound), the surgeons voices and bleeps in the background. I felt as if my back was cracked open

I screamed like I never screamed before but it seemed like the scream was only inside of me, no noise came from my throat or mouth. All I could see was pitched dark and I was trashing but my hands and legs where not moving. I think passed-out a few minutes later, maybe because of the pain and the screaming and the trashing.

I never told my Ortho Surgeon….or my parents…..and only recently when I watched this, it all came back. It was like a repressed memory at the back of my mind that I hid far away. Maybe thats what you feel being halfway dead.
Ok…thats too depressing, lets talk about my favourite subject right now – FOOD CRAVINGS *grin*

Of course, over the course of two weeks I’ve practically become a slave to my cravings – which I think its high time I start eating more healthier stuff.

I had Kenny Rogers – extra gravy with mac&cheese, garden salad, potato pasley.

And Baskin Robins Berry Sherbet with Rasberry Cheese Louise with Strawberry and Hazel nut Toppings for dessert

Oh yes don’t forget the Black Forest regardless from Starbucks or Secret Recipe

And FINALLY we found the perfect briyani at JM Briyani at TESCOs AMPANG*sorry no photo, I was too into my briyani to take photos, cant leave the spoon even a second HA HA HA*

But I’ve had time brush up cultinary skills as well

Remember the smoked salmon?

I made cute little canapés from feta cheese, smoked salmon (drizze with a bit of lemon juice) tomato, big shallots, tomato & olive slices.

I had it that day with Sunkist Orange/Grapefruit Juice plus Canned Lycees and its syrup.

And with the ‘burger malaysia’ dough recipe I made fried Sardin Mini Buns which I shared with darling hubby (sedap kan yang resepi ori I??)

But of recently, I’ve been a shopaholic for fruits – in just one week, I bought half of a watermelon, 1kilo of papaya, 2 kilos of seedless grapes, 5 pears, 5 washington red apples, 5 navel oranges, 10 plums. My vege compartment is packed to the rim with my fruits and baby kicks and squirms 10 minutes after I eat them, which is a wonderful feeling!

Better than muching sour cream crisps right?

I decided to dress the cot with the bedding that we got free with the cot. Its blue (ya ya ya – its not even definate its a boy but heck…who cares….) I just think its getting adorable by the day. I’ve yet to pick out cute teddies for my baby, hopefully to avoid the “selimut busuk or bantal busuk” sydrom I had with Aliya. But one never knows, you only hope for the best as parents.

I can’t believe am 2 1/2 months away from my due date….*gasp*

Prayers peps!!


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