I’m glad its Saturday

pregnancy due date

Woke up to a wonderful fresh morning today. It was hubby’s working Saturday this weekend and I’m alone at home – well not literally at home alone, there is little bud still growing in my tummy – so basically there are two of us at home *grin*

Ever since moving to the Pinggiran Chempaka Apartments I’ve only had the opportunity to visit the morning market on the opposite side of the LRT STAR Pandan Indah tracks, once. There was only one Malay lady selling nasi lemak there and since I always have these weird cravings, one of them being nasi lemak on a weekend, I decided to take a morning walk there at around 7 am.

My visit this time was fruitful. Sitting nicely in a white Tupperware at her small kiosk, was a serving of fiery sambal tumis petai udang. This kakak wrapped her nasi lemak with banana leaves so for me that was a bonus. Packed nasi lemak in banana leaves are just simply heaven – the aroma and the taste is superb. This makes me miss Kak Shida’s afternoon nasi lemak packed in banana leaves at our old place, even more.

So I splurge a bit ending up with RM6.60 worth of nasi lemak goodies. The thing about us johorian is that, fried bee hoon (vercemille noodles) is more of a side dish than a main dish. We usually have fried bee hoon served at gatherings such as kenduri doa selamat as a side dish in what we call as Nasi Ambeng, alongside semur ayam and sambal goreng tempe. This made me miss the local nasi ambeng my dad buys from the morning market in my home town Parit Sulong.

Of course, my husband Jai finds it odd that we should have fried bee hon as a side dish, he’s from Penang by the way. I guess I have the same feeling of having Parpu with rice. Parpu for me (or kuah dal) is usually eaten with roti – be it roti canai or roti telur.

After one plate of my so called Nasi Lemak ala Nasi Ambeng and a big cup of tea o, I was one happy pregnant woman.


There was also other stuff I found at the morning market that made me crave my mom’s cooking even more. Mom had not packed me some akar and daun cekur to make Pecel this time around, but she packed me a good stock of serai (lemon grass) and kangkung, as well as the CNI detergent I love that keeps Jai’s site clothes looking clean (trust me, it’s a gift sent from heaven if you have an oil & gas engineer of a husband who does a lot of excavation works, coming home covered with all that mud and red earth).

I was torn in between cooking Ayam Ungkep (a spicy gravy Javanese dish made with chicken) or Pecel isi Ikan Cencaru bakar (another spicy gravy Javanese dish made with fish and some local herbs).

I’d already bought a packed of coconut milk and already had some chicken in the freezer, so as not to wasted decided just to buy extra fresh coconut that was already shredded (which I had to squeeze the milk later), some fresh galangal and turmeric. I left the akar cekur at this kiosk that had all sorts of kampong fresh ingredients and promised myself to get some on the next visit. I know Jai would go ga ga on the fresh green pucuk paku I saw and am thinking of buying some akar bako near my delivery, for my confinement. Drinking the juice of akar bako helps to release wind.

Taking about confinement, I also bought a slice of watermelon. I’m just going to enjoy all the “cold” vegetables and fruits now while I can, because I know am going to be refrained from eating them during confinement.

On the subject of baby in tummy, I’ve had constant butterflies flutter in my tummy and it has kept me amused most of the time. It won’t be until 2 more weeks before the next scan and hopefully we’ll get to know if we are having a boy or a girl.

I’ve had cravings of laksa, nasi briyani (only settling for the one at INSAF in Jln Tunku Abd Rahman and nothing else), sour mango, A&W rootbear float & tom yum to name a few. But it’s just spicy & sour stuff mostly and from the likes of it (out of experiences of others) I might be having a boy.

I’m feeling much better now, the numbness is still there but am ok. We had a family outing to The Eye of Malaysia and Red Box a few weeks back and if not for scanning all the photos on my camera did I notice the photos there. Here are some of the photos of us.

Have a great weekend!!!



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