Stronger than ever!

pregnancy due date

I came down with a bad case of carpal tunnel Monday morning, I was practically doing my solat on my bed. I think I know how my mom feels when she has these cases as well. She got it when she was having me.

I feel so stiff and handicapped. I even spilled my glass of milk on the carpet yesterday and that brought me down to tears. Doctors have advised for me to refer to an ortho (yeah not again, remember my case of back pain last year?) But the injections I’m supposed to have will effect the baby. So I’m on drugs for the moment. I have wrist supports such as the ones you see here on – Safe – T- Wrist Support. Cost me a fortune! (RM31 per piece) I’ve also had to keep my arms warm from the AC and cold weather and had to stay in bed. No fun at all.

I feel like tin man from wizard of oz.

But I must have done something right the past few days that when I came back to work the calls weren’t as horrid as I expected them to be. No big issues, no one screaming at my ear.

  • As muslims, they say pain and sickness is a way to repent for your sins. I think God is looking my way.
  • I made sure to recite the doa my mom gave me after every solat.

Plus, I had a good meal at Mark’s Laksa Asam downstairs for lunch. 3 huge chunks of macarel in my Laksa gravy was a bonus. Not as good as Penang Laksa my bro inlaw Izhamhuri bought for me once but it waaaaaaaaaay better than any Laksa in town. And the most important part was – it had OTAK UDANG he he he.

Another bonus was when I check my multiply and wordpress today, my darling sweethearts from NCR gave me such motivating message – Evanna & Karin on Multiply and sweet Hanie on previous posting.

Can I cry in happiness now???

And I get to do extra one hour today. That is extra pocket money for baby. My TL asked me if I was interested in volunteering and I said heck, why not. She’s also assured me that “What matters is what I think of you and what your big boss think of you”

I guess I’ve set my priorities straight. I just have to be strong and believe in those who are REALLY there for me, no matter what.




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