Kicking Action

I am with a big tummy now. Protuding just below my chest. Because of that I cant pull myself closer to the desk so I’m like exteding my hand to type *sigh*. Imagine how would it be if I were to drive, guys…

I also have this little person I talk to inside *heee* He (becoz everyone says it looks like am carrying a boy) seems to be a quiet but feisty(which reminds me of my husband who nods in agreement but deep down disagree). He’s not been kicking that much but maybe streching here and there. So sometimes I laugh it out coz I think its a bit hysterical and tickly. Yeah…funny.

Ok…my collegue is passing out our weekly goodies. 2 bars of Kit Kat. I’ve not had breakfast so this will be my sugar rush…he he how nice.


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