Shopaholic Valentine…

It’s to really a custom for me to celebrate Valentine. Besides I don’t really believe that you need just one day to show someone you love how much they mean to you, how much you love them. Aren’t you suppose to do that everyday?

Well for starters I have a growing LOVE bud in my tummy right now *hik hik hik*

We woke up to a drizzly morning…argh a nice day to just lay back in bed, pull the covers up and just hear the pitter patter of the rain. But Mommy here and as well as Daddy needs to get up to visit the Gyne.

Doctors in any form are always fashionably late and so was mine as well…very fashionably late – Gucci Sunglasses and all *grin*

But I guess the tiredness of waiting worn off when we saw our little buds head in the monitor. Jai swore he saw our little bud move one little arm slowly. However its still to early to know if its going to be a boy or a girl.

We got the scan photos printed and it took us 1/2 hour just to get out of the parking lot. Reason being – just a small black and white photo of an outline of our little bud got us all excited and chattery.

So little bud now has a photoshot of its glamour self *hik hik hik*

Mummy dearest here is still getting a bought of “shopaholic” again on Wednesday. This was after one sleepless night of constantly having this MNG handbag on my mind. I hate bulky things and hate to carry everything in my hand as well. So after work, I went over to Pavillion again to do what I do best. SHOP

OK. Two is still considered very subtle right? He he he NOT

The Mango a.k.a MNG shopping bag had 2 items in them.


The handbag I was getting restless night over.

And these utra lovely sports pumps that would go so well with my white MNG track bottoms or the one in grey from DP or my maternity jeans.

If you’re wondering what was in the DP bag…well we all had to wear either pink or purple on Friday for our Valentine celebration. Each of us had a Valentine to give gifts and a card and the card had to be handmade. Well, knowing me with my handcraft hands and the huge stash of ribbons, wrappers, polyfoam and etc etc for my HANTARAN making kit, I used it to make a F.Roche Chocolate bouquet and a large pink Valentine card. Eventhough there was a RM10 budget but I think its the thought that counts.

The MTB (Multiteam Building) ppl who organized the event held a greeting card competition and my card made it as one of the 5 winners that day.

So looking forward to the weekend, my day was complete because I received a wonderful Valentine card and gift from Manuela and I won a cute cuddly hippo from Lovely Lace *Grin*

I rearrange everything on my table and plop them all nicely there…with photos of Aliya. Talk about immediate glam for your office cubicle eh?

Have a great weekend everyone!!




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5 responses to “Shopaholic Valentine…

  1. Salam

    Is that you farahh??? From Marian Convent, Ipoh?? If yes, this is me Ija.. the twins?? Ija and Ina?? I hope it’s u,miss u babe! But kalau bukan.. sorri bebanyak…

  2. janatunaliya

    Hazel darrrling!!!!

    Salam balik *hik hik hik*

    Yes yes yes its me…yg satu kadet bomba tuuuuu.

    How are u dear??? Amboi blog u “This blog is open to invited readers only” Very the ultra diva opening nie 😉

    Miss u tooooo

    Take care

  3. hey ya! oh my gosh! couldnt believe it when i accidently stumbled upon your blog.. i suppose u’re fine and dandy there, dear! If u wanna come to my blog, have to give your gmail accout..but.. u’ll be bored with a research student’s ramblings.. hehehehe.. talk to u later… got a facebook ID?

  4. janatunaliya

    Dear…its 😉

  5. DeLinn

    hai farah!!!

    aku ni, Ina!! Ina Haron

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