If you wish for a better life…the key is PATIENCE

 I hate to brag. But I love to share joyfull news.

Recently my pain of leaving the old workplace was heal. They say money makes the whole world go round. I cant help but say it does.

I got a shock when I saw my pay slip. Maybe because I’ve not seen that much money in my life. To hit nearly 3K on my pay definately makes a HUGE different. I dont even know what to do with all that money that I gave my mom 1/4 of it to be kept. If I keep it in my bank…I’m tempted to shop till I drop!

Of course the baby comes first. Because as Malays we believe its the baby’s REZEKI. But rest assured I’ve had good night sleeps more than I have ever before.

Reason being?

I’m paid nearly RM700 just for my shift allowance + transport

I’m paid double OT to work on one public holiday – I’ve be working on 3 next month, another 8 hour for training on Saturday (2 Feb) & 2 hours extra for the Team Meeting 4-6pm = around RM725.

Now a combation of just my shift allowance + transport and the OT, that was like nearly the old salary I got before. I’ve not counted my basic yet…so now you understand me jumping for joy???


There should also be some sales money in there as well (since we are offering an online service to our clients – one sign up is RM8)

Good ratings for my calls – I got 85% for one so thats RM20 and for 75% thats RM10.

But thats besides the issue.

SO..whats my financial planning?

Money for the delivery
2 baby cots – one for the one here in KL and another in my mother’s house
The best baby motivational toys from Fisher Price
Loads of baby books (you know the cloth type ones)

A senior recently asked me if I could handle the stress. Its manageable if I equip myself with the proper information and education. Beside I have starbucks, watsons, guardian and McD just a few floors down…HA HA HA

I’ve tried getting the doctor to print my scan photos but she said it was still no small…but I got to see the first few glimpse of my mini me…shy and hiding from the scanner…HA HA HA doctor had to scan a few times before she could pause and let me have a first look.

I know I can afford the best hospital but since I’ve always this cheapskake gal, I’m gonna deliver at the new hospital in Ampang – 1st Class should not blow a hole in my pocket right.

I’m starting to pay taxes…so why dont I just used the service anyway right!!?

I hope the decision that you’ve made or going to make is for the better. But I do believe that there is GOD (in my case Allah SWT) and patience.

Nothing is impossible if you put a little faith to it 😉



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4 responses to “If you wish for a better life…the key is PATIENCE

  1. exzede

    hi, cozy place you got here.

    congrats to you.. and your hubby.

    my wife used to say that no matter where you give birth, the pain is still just the same. we’ve got 6 boys (last being twins)and all or them were born in the 3rd class ward of the govt hospital. but that’s my wife. I dunno bcuz I don’t give birth 🙂

    I took your ‘patience’ poster and put it in my collage page. have a look-see around and thanks.


  2. exzede

    oops did I miss the url? thot I had it there. anyways,


  3. SoulmateAtWork

    Kudos & gud for u!

    As a new staff u r already doing ur work like a sr & gud progress day by day.

    If u feel otrwise, it will make me feel bad. As am the one who persuaded u ovr.

    Glad to see that u’re progressing well here. Keep it up!

  4. wawawaaaaaa buleh laa belanjeeeeee….. huhuhuuuuu

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