On being preggie…


Am sure that with recent developments thats going on in my body I should have my head hanging over the toilet bowl.

Or else with fainting spells


Alhamdulillah I have been blessed with an anti-puke pregnancy. My mum says it runs in the family. But the not so good side of it I just cant STAND STRONG PUNGENT SMELL…including the MANLY smell of my darling husband. Husband now has to smoke outside before I start screaming at the top of my voice.

I am also blessed with a taste bud for fiery food – heaps and heaps of cili padi. Last night’s beef stew with cili padi (something I would SWEAR OFF) was HEAVEN.

My kind generous loving brother-in-law JoJo gave me an enormous box of donuts (i swear it had 10 mouth watering ones) from Big Apple Cafe in Pavillion.

But after one bite I was amazed at how YUCKY they taste…the sweet ones only la (jgn marah aa JoJo). But I loved the spicy chicken floss one and had this crazy idea of placing a slice of cheese ontop and placed it in the my oven to grill….HEAVEN


For baby’s sake I have totally stop coffee, tea, coke-cola and anything with cafein. I tell you its a TORTURE!

But I love the enfamum low fat milk in chocolate flavor i have once in the morning and one at night…at least something.
I’ve started conjouring up thoughts of buying a crib and a diaper change table for our mini me in my tummy. Aiyooo MIMPI BESAR ni. Also how to decorate the nursery…but BIG DREAMS only la. We were looking at baby buggies and baby Moses baskets at TESCO yesterday…cant believe it will be us in 8 months time.

Ok..am at my last leg of work. Good thing about attending Aus & NZ is that things get pretty quiet after 3.00PM 😉














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3 responses to “On being preggie…

  1. XoXO

    Happy Nu Year akak!! Deliver the baby on August 11th tau tau! thehehehe

  2. Happy New Year & CONGRATULATIONS! :o) Take care & I hope you have a good pregnancy :o)

  3. hello fay
    hows life there?

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