Good News You Guys Have Been Waiting For

Some good news to end the year with. I’m sure most of my peps at ex-office is waiting for this…

I scan the pee on a stick thing coz my photos were BLURRR, mind my french ha ha ha.

Yes people…we are due to receive a new born on the 12 August 2008.

Hopefully your prayers for a healthy and smooth pregnancy and delivery will be with us. 



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4 responses to “Good News You Guys Have Been Waiting For

  1. XoXO

    Akak!!! Congratulation!!! Syoknye nak dapat baby….. ;P

  2. janatunaliya

    XoXo – muah thanks…yes yes very the seronok now

  3. SoulmateAtWork

    Aha! Busted, knew u’re gonna made tis announcement soon… Alhamdulillah to u… My prayers wt always. Happy for u, thanks for the book of prayers. Dont forget, my project like urs in later mths of next yr, Isyallah… Take gud care of da new coming gym bag… :B

  4. janatunaliya

    MizzieIrene – Guilty as charge! Just sharing the joy around my ex workplace…sure takde calls dan takde benda lain yg interesting di baca kekeke. Man I need to pee again….

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