Perfect Parpu, Pak Lah and Chal’s Birthday


I was cleaning the “C” and “D” drive last night when I stumbled upon this photo of young Pak Lah with Abah (left of him). Smart eh?

Wednesday was my last day of work at the “old” office in Jln Imbi. Since I might not frequent my favourite roti canai stall in Jln Pudu near Majestic (right infront of the Pudu LRT station), I thought I might give “abg” and “akak” a friendly visit.


The parpu here is to die for. I think they really cook the veges especially to perfection and because I hate bits of lentils in my Parpu, the Parpu here is perfect. No chunks of lentils in sight. There is glorious sambal to accompany it and the roti is fluffy and crisp. They’re always nice and warm, service is excellent (better than some 5 star places mind you) even if its only a small kiosk cum stall. Parpu and roti canai lovers, this place is highly recommended. Cheap and good service. 


We later went to TESCO Ampang for dinner because I was dreaming of this:

And I got this (he he he) – Chicken Chop at Kluang Station :

Dee tried the Laksa Kluang but it was ok lah….nothing much.

  We will celebrating my bro’s birthday tomorrow and I plan to make SOTO AYAM with BERGEDIL UDANG, his favourite. Leaving you with some photos of me and him – down memory lane.



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