smells a mile away…

I’ve rush to the so called “pantry” for black coffee. I should stop playing SiMS2 till the wee hours of the morning you know. Ok, now I’ll all wide eyed to write today’s entry.

But tension okay…I have to get a pc with “2GB OF RAM AND A 128MB VIDEO CARD” to play all my SiMS2 expansion packs from Family Fun Stuff to Pets….aaarghhhhh tension tension. *haiz…*

I tot I remembered reading it somewhere. So today I “godak-godak” multiply to find it. Yessss…it was her. I knew a few x-employees had written about her a few months back. Her and another likes of her – who Confucious and Addicted-to-Coke had the privillage to met during Walt Disney’s visit last few weeks.

Baaah…I’m leaving soon to care. If she can talk about her previous employees, she sure with bee-arch about me right?

I’m just glad it was only a month with her. But even so, I can’t imagine what lies ahead. Part of me feels sad that I’m leaving my peeps behind and not knowing what lies beyond.


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  1. hanie82

    iskkk menci ar this species!!! and u’re leaving us with her!!! ;S help! help! hehehe

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