A Hari Raya Wedding

I keep getting this impression that I’ve not yet left and “angkat kaki” but some people are so eager to get rid of me to make way for other people. The nerve?

I think it’s my equal right to actually rethink the whole situation before making the final decision – minus the intrusion and talam dua muka (double standard) nonsense impression I keep getting.

It stinks even if it’s a mile away.

Ok. I am being a bee-arch today but what the hey…who cares

I pity my peeps but then again you’ll understand why I made the decision and why this person made it easy.

Rite. Enuff with the depressing ramblings. Lets talk about weddings – Malay weddings are so much colorful and the food is to die for, NO?

Eid was still in the air but my cousing Mohd decided to get married on the 3rd day of Eid and hold the Groom’s reception the weekend after.

I’m not in the mood to write today so let the photos do the talking ok?

Abah trying to find a comfortable spot to sit and eat

I sat next to my favourite bro – Chal

Mama trying to find a familiar face amongst the crowd

Nice cool pink lime-ade to quench on a hot day

Goodies to bring home to Dee (husband) who can’t make it

Arghhhh gravy chicken together with briyani (below)

Odd looking but creative herbal egg (telur pindang) basket, turkey no?

Me – using my Shu-Emura eye makeup kit again he he he

Aliya – excited but tired

KL – 4 hours drive later – home – dinner – no need to cook 😛



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4 responses to “A Hari Raya Wedding

  1. XoXo

    Akak .. who lah?

  2. janatunaliya

    XoXo :

    I can’t point fingers but isn’t it odd when you’ve asked for some time off….this person keeps asking why am I putting the decision off. I car pooled with a good friend (u know who) and got to know it from her.

  3. LongLostFriendFoundAgain

    Salam.Yo,sound preasured.Hangin there k… Can’t wait to gt togthr wt ya again 🙂 Tis gonna be like old time.

  4. janatunaliya

    Ooo please make it good like the old time…I feel bad leaving my peeps in the mercy of a dragon who knows shit about everything

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