The many ways of Eid

I received an instant message from a friend who will be in London for 6 months *aiyoooo akak very the ENVY nie* so this is a shout out to all blogger friends who are in London to keep this friend of mine company and help him to settle down. I know what its like to be away from family and especially during this festive season. Yesterday I had that reminiscing memoirs again…remembered how fasting and iftar was like when I was growing up in the UK. During the summer, the hours were long (my mom said muke i macam nak pengsan je coz iftar was at 9pm and Imsak was at 4am). We did not have “burger sambal Malaysia” or “bubur pulut hitam” readily available or pasar ramadhan for that matter of fact. I had to iftar with what my mother had prepares which included steamed new veges and mash new potatoes. So because I was in my malas mood I decided to slam a few meats in the pan (mariated with wostersher sauce, blackpepper and salt), steamed some broccoli and French beans and mashed potatoes with a slab of butter and a dash of fresh milk. So yesterday we iftar the Mat Salleh Style. No tradition kueh or cakes…but then again because both darling hubby and me are very much vege lovers the veges where amongst the first to finish. We then proceeded to watch the first MALAYSIAN to go to space – Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor Sheikh Mustapha. Blast off was spectacular. It was amazing to see that after 50 years of independence we are able to fly our men or man to space. I think this is one giant leap for Malaysians. I cant wait to go back home to see Abah and Mama tomorrow. Our Eid new garments have been nicely ironed, waiting to be packed in the car, the cookies and goodies are ready, my peralatan superforce – hairdryer, ceramic iron, oleo-relax serum and big brushes to attend to my now very very very long hair. My husband is scratching his head because he forgot make small change for the duit raya….and I hate to say “don’t do things last minute” – jgn marah ye yang! Mama has already had ketupat and semur ayam since Monday – arghhhhhhhhhhhh tension! – I cant wait to taste that. Oh yes…nenek will be celebrating Eid in her new house. If you guys remember in my previous posting, the rumah pusaka burnt down to ashes last year on 14 October. Alhamdulillah. I would also like to shout out to my dearest friends out there, especially to Peanut who will be celebrating Eid in Jakarta (mek sangat the jealous u belajar make-up ala2 the Kris Dayanti), everyone at the office – Syena & Honey, my blogger frens including UBA, Intan, Lollies, Kak Ruby and all. 

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin.


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  1. better late than never….here is wishing you and family a happy eid….semoga ceria dan bahagia!
    di dubai, tak de tradisi bagi bagi duit raya hehehee 🙂


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