The View From My Room

We’ve moved up 2 Floors and the view is spectacular! The windows are tinted so its looks as if the windows need a bit of cleaning…

17th up to 19th Floor…yippeee.

Waaa can see my house (Ampang near Pandan Indah) from here!

This is Bukit Bintang traffic on a good day.

Hey…you guys went out to lunch without me?

The view behind my cubicle…cool eh

I just need to lift my head and take a deep breather…aaa calm.

KL Tower and KLCC….best view in town.

CikKiah is loving her new office space too…Cik Kiah will be joing soon…I really want her to see the world.

Ok…lots to do..peace out@!@


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One response to “The View From My Room

  1. UBA

    wuaaaaaa…very the high up…bezzz nyerrr…

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