When you work with the best ppl on earth


One thing I love about working with the people I am working with, no matter how big or small or petite or on diet we are, we all love food. And last week came yet another good session of potluck our style – good food, good conversation, good crowd.

The best thing is we all chip in a little something, giving the dishes personal signatures. Even if you didn’t know how to cook, there is always a colleague to help.


We have yet to have a male colleague to work with, I cant imagine what that would be like if that day ever comes.

This time round I made rendang with pulut kuning. The way I saw it, my rendang was very plain..normal…ok je lah! But I think from the photo below, some people couldn’t get enough of them. Licin rendang aku, siap tapaw balik tu wa cakap lu! HA ! HA !



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4 responses to “When you work with the best ppl on earth

  1. Wah wah.. Makan tahap gaban nih. Siap tapau lg. Haha.. Ko keje aper ah?? Cambest jer workspace tuh..

  2. janatunaliya

    HR untuk opis2 comp yg ada di merata APAC

  3. mutalib s


    i’ve always liked your blog, especially on food. A food enthusiast?

    I’m so sure that the nasi goreng that you posted (months ago) would be nice. Hotel style.

    Continue writing, mate!

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