Digital Scrapbooking – a fun way to tell your stories

Ever since my daughter Aya started schooling and the pressuring work loads at the office, da lama tak bukak all my DSB (digital scrap book) CDs and Adobe CS2. Boleh imagine ni berhabuk benda-benda tu sebab da lama tak pakai.

Only recently bila my mother was around and saw my photo cds, did I remember that dah lama I meninggalkan hobby yang lagi satu ni.

There first time I was tempted to do this, was when my husband bought for me some second hand magazines which included one for digital scrapbooking. I went online and found thousands of layouts to choose from. It was going back to the days I was in Brighton and going into the sweet shop. Walaupun nak pineapple cubes…but the strawberry strips and colorful mashmellows and chocolate covered raisins dan macam-macam lagi dalam baling-balang kaca yang besar mesmerized me buat I tercegat macam patung kat dalam sweet shop tu.

What more, me being an avid photographer (tak kisah la camera phone, digital phone, disposable phone…asalkan boleh ambik gambar, spur of the moment I will take) I had loads and loads of photos kept in soft copy.

Then I found an online group where I can post my photos in their gallery for others to see. Seronok jugaklah sebab orang boleh kenal adat resam kita, our way of life through photos.

Scrapbooking is a method for preserving a legacy of written history in the form of photographs, printed media, and memorabilia contained in decorated albums, or scrapbooks. Historically, scrapbooking was a tradition similar to storytelling, but with a visual and tactile, rather than oral, focus.

The advent of scanners, desktop publishing, page layout programs, and advanced printing options make it relatively easy to create professional-looking layouts in digital form. The internet allows scrapbookers to self-publish their work, even if it is just for a readership of one. Scrapbooks that exist completely in digital image form are referred to as “digital scrapbooks,” or “computer scrapbooks.” –

There were also tutorials online yang boleh guide kita untuk buat embellishment sendiri, layout sendiri, trick and tips dan macam-macam lagi. Then you can save them to a cd and play them at home as your photo album kalau nak.

My mother said

“Advance dan senang betul sekarang ni ya. Frame pun tak payah beli, cut paste je, taruk dalam cd dan tayang kat tv. Tauke photo album dengan kedai gambar pun sure susah nak cari makan!”

Why not try this today…who knows, it may be fun for you!

This is my first piece and will always be my faourite – Its called Henry at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa


Below are some of my collection. Click on the imagine to view the larger one.

Home Away From Home


Sabah Family

Garden Friends

If you would like to see more, visit my gallery at :

CREDITS – The following digital scrap pages where created using these kits :

Henry at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

background, element border & element bookplate
from Kim Liddiard Leather Bound Page Kit
Created by Kim Liddiard

Element_photocorner & Element_tornvellum
from Natures Majesty Mini Kit
Created by Valeri Brumfield
Shabby Princess SweetSerenity YellowFlower
from {Sweet Serenity} Kit
by Shabby Princess
SP_HolidaySampler_Fall Together word art
by Shabby Princess
Sweet Page Kit
Created by Angie Svoboda
Memorial Day Freebie
Created by Stacey Stehley
Home Away From Home

Bobby Wilkes
December 2005 PTP Kit

Stapled Ribbons by
SWEET SPRINKLES created by ShabbyPrincess

Shabby Fall Page Set created by Shabby Princess – 2004

Copper Button Alphabet
Created by Lauren Bavin

Shabby Princess ~ Holiday Sampler ~ Fall Kit


bg_dsp_blue3 from
Blue Backgrounds created by Jenna Robertson

Element_silverbellsframe from
Silver Bells Extra Element Freebies
Created by Valeri Brumfield

Denim & Sunshine
Created by Elizabeth Weaver

Peach Blue Nautical Kit
Created by Joy Schoenberger

Embrace the Ocean-
By Tina Chambers

Sabah Family

{October FreePea} Digital Kit ©Anne Langpap
©2005 Anne Langpap

March Free{Pea} Digital Kit
©2006 Anne Langpap
ALangpap_2peas_March Freebie_Paper4
ALangpap_2peas_March Freebie_Border


Created by Marcee J. Duggar

Garden Friends

burstingthrough background
Cardstock Creations
Created by Kim Liddiard

Mocha Latte Swirls Page Kit
Created & ©2005 by Valeri Brumfield

Autumn WordArt Titles
Created by Suzanne C. Walker
Lilies & Lavender Alpha
created by by Fay Rahim
using Smargana Font from momscorner4kids with Sample picture Lilies from Microsoft Word



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7 responses to “Digital Scrapbooking – a fun way to tell your stories

  1. Salam. TQ for dropping by my blog.

    Akak pun anak jawa gak, tapi a bit murtad. Yg akak tahu “Wes mangan?” & My 1,2,3,4 cuma Siji, Loru, Telo, Papat (betul ke ni)

    Digital scrapbooking pun akak minat. But I’ve only attempted a few. In one of my postings ada akak letak one of them. One of these days ingat nak buat baliklah…

  2. janatunaliya

    Wasalam Mama.

    Hehehe betui la tu..ala kak..saya pun byk tak hingat daaa. Kat rumah bila mak, saya dan nenek bercakap cam kambing cakap dengan ayam dan ayam cakap dengan sheep.

    Mak cakap bahasa..nenek cakap jawa..saya mostly english.

    Kepeye toh! (macamana tu??)

    Saya pun da lama tak buat kak. Tu la kan. Ingat nak buat balik

  3. Hi Fayrahim,

    You are an avid photographer eh? What a nice hobby. Thank you for sharing the info on scrapbooking. Cheers.

  4. UBA

    hi fay…this is very interesting… i might want to venture into this…

  5. digital scrapbooking.. ajzie pun mmg minat juga.. tp buat masa sekrang just ambil free template n paste apa2 yg patut kat photoelement aje…

    ada apa2 advise mana(url) saya boleh dapt free template..hihihi

    Masa sangat terhad sekrang.. insyallah ada masa akan cuba buat lagi…

  6. Hi:
    I luv your lay out another digital scrapper. we have tons of freebies here and challenges, so nice to meet you stop by.

  7. I love your layouts. I´m serching for a CT team – creativ team from the whole world. I really want you to jon me. If you havn´t the time, just pass this on to someone that like to try to be on a CT team. Look at my blog anf feel free to apply.

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