How to make feast out of nothing

In a way I pity my sister-in-law and my other future sister-in-law. My two brothers are just guys who love not only to eat but to eat home cooked food cooked by mummy dearest and darling big sister – “kak long”.

There isn’t a gathering with my cooking that doesn’t end up with “nanti balik ambik resepi dari kak long”. I hope they don’t take it as an insult to their cooking. It’s bad enough to have to come to terms with husbands who will forever love their mother’s cooking, it’s really depressing when the “kak long” cooks well as well.

My brother Chal seldom adores the vendor’s nasi lemak. Too spicy…too this too that. But if it either my mother or me who cooks the nasi lemak, he will surely korek sampai ke kerak kalau boleh. He is very “cerewet” and I think my future SIL will have a tough time with this one when it comes to food. NVM, darling “kak long” will provide the 101 as usual.

My brother Eye-iz just loves eating. So fortunate for my SIL, he takes in whatever she cooks. But often enough he will come up with, “ni kak long masak ni..tengok” or “nanti balik ambik resepi dari kak long”

So I taught it would be a quiet weekend since I was on leave for 2 days. But my brother texted me and said he will be over for dinner, with SIL and my other brother.

Truth be told, we had planned to do the groceries on Sunday and I was too lazy to do any HEAVY cooking on Saturday. But we practically dragged ourselves out of bed on Saturday morning and did the groceries. For lunch I opt for a nice cool cendul with mamak rojak, with us sitting under the tree with the warm afternoon breeze on our face. Heaven LAH! Once in a while when some else does the cooking.

I told my husband I didn’t want to cook rice. Too heavy. So I decided to do my very very quick chicken chop –  side dishes, coleslaw, mash potatoes.

The trick was to always stock up on “emergency magic ingredients” as I would call them. This way you can wip up something in a matter of seconds. Basically, my “emergency magic ingredients” would consist of :-

Tepung Goreng Ayam Adabi (seasoning flour for frying chicken)
Italian Herbs
Maggie Seasoning
Pasta (spirals)
Tuna flakes in a can
Peas in a can
Laicis in a can

I had chicken fillets in the freezer so I defrosted and sprinkle ample of Maggie seasoning and some black pepper. Cover, put aside.
For the Tuna Pasta Salad, cook the spiral pastas, drain them. Mix tuna flakes with mayo. Add salt and sugar to taste, mix the tuna mix with the pastas in a salad bowl. Done.

For the coleslaw, finely shred the cabbage and carrots. Add one big onion, chopped. Mix with mayo and some Italian herbs. Add sugar and salt to taste. Add 2 table spoon of lime juice. Put aside in the fridge. This is nice served cold.

Peel and diced coarsely the potatoes. Boil until cooked and soft. Mash up, adding 2 tablespoon of butter, half a cup of milk and some salt for seasoning.

Whip one egg. Place the seasoning flour in a large plate. Dip the chicken fillet in the egg and then dipped in seasoning flour. Fry on a skillet on low heat so the meat will be tender. When outer skin is crispy, take out of the skillet and drain excess oil.

Now the chicken chop sauce is my husband’s favourite. As long as you have tomatoes and either one of these fruits – pears, plums & mangoes, you are good to go.

You will also need :-

Finely chopped garlic
Finely chopped big onions
2 table spoon of flour
4 table spoon of butter
I cup chicken stock
fruits – pears, plums & mangoes are pureed in a blender
tomatoes are diced and chopped
some Maggie seasoning
salt and sugar to taste
black pepper
can of peas

Place 2 table spoon of butter in a skillet, melt and sauté the garlic and big onions. Put in the diced tomatoes. Sauté for another good 3 minutes.

In another pot, place 2 table spoon of butter and put in the flour. Make sure to stir as the flour gets a bit sticky. Transfer the sauté ingredients in the skillet to the pot, mix with the fried flour. Pour in the pureed pears, plums & mangoes, add some Maggie seasoning, salt and sugar to taste and black pepper. Add I cup chicken stock and let the sauce simmer and reduce to about half. Add 1 can of peas (making sure to drain the water first).

When they arrive, I was busy pre-heating everything that I didn’t have the mood to chow down. I had a few bites here and there.

Well, the evening ended with empty dishes and no left overs, which is just the way I like it. After a few hours of watching Terminator 3 over Astro, my brothers and my SIL headed home. I had served them chinese tea earlier and some cold laicis in a can, with some ice as dessert. I know my brother Eye-iz loves caramel pudding but “kak long” too malas to cook lah!. He he he. Next time maybe.

It was good to have them over, its even better when not much work was put in but they enjoyed the food. Later that night, as we cleared the dining table and washed the dishes, darling hubby gave a sneeky peck on the cheek and said “it’s amazing how you make a feast out of nothing, every single time” 🙂



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2 responses to “How to make feast out of nothing

  1. UBA

    auww mann..not another good food blog..aiyooo..matilaa camni..

  2. janatunaliya

    My Adorable Friend UBA

    Alaaaaaaaah makan je laa…nanti kalau da sakit tak leh makan susah kan?

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