Ironic isn’t it?

Effective tomorrow, I shall be on a two day vacation, away from work, from all the clutter, mess, people, emails…. Will see everybody back on Monday yeah.


photos by aNNa Munandar

 … BUT. Will still have to work full time as housewife though. Fuh! 

Ironic isn’t it?

photos by valpopando



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3 responses to “Ironic isn’t it?

  1. hi :o)

    Have a good, well deserved rest :o)

  2. FaY…..i saw ur love story clip…awww, so romantics..:)
    i wish u and hubby many many more years of happiness…until the end of time!!

    And yes how ironic! a housewives go to office to rest and recover from a housework fatigue….

    i hope u do get a chance to put ur feet up….or soaked in warm water…


  3. UBA

    fay…enjoy yur holiday..come back jumping ehhh..

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