Genes of Creativity – This is my Mona Lisa

I’m not sure where my creative side comes from, maybe its from my mother, then again maybe its from both, mummy dan daddy dearest.

But I notice I am always the “bidan terjun” in most weddings that happend in my family when it comes to wedding gifts. My husband says I should commercialize but I think these master pieces are very very personal. One is never done exactly the same.

However, making wedding gifts or hantaran is such a stress reliever at times. Its something I passionately do and take my time, just like how all those famous painters paint their masterpiece.

Wedding Hantaran by Fay at

My cousins ask me how do I do it. I don’t really know. The last time I did it, my mother had the stuff placed on our huge family dining table and told me she wanted this and that and this. Somehow it just comes to mind, a photographic mental picture and by the time you know it, its done.

To go commercialize would mean that I am constricted to the clients wants and needs. This should be done this way and this should be done that way. Maybe I am more of a Galliano. my creations are for my own personal satisfaction..a fix I need to let out these juices of creativity and only purely only understood by me.

I do, I create, I show and people wear them, in my case, people use them, no questions asked. Besides, isn’t it the first rule of the thumb never to tell the Chef how to cook his own culinary creations?

I think my daughter has picked that up from me as well. After deciding to visit my grandmother-in-law, I decided to cook up “buah melaka” as a quick something something to bring as “buah tangan”.

My 7 year old daughter had a go at it. She was wonderful. I couldn’t believe she actually could make “buah melaka”. Hers of course was a bit smaller and had less “gula melaka”.

pc..pizzas..but solat comes first

Turned out my grandmother-in-law loved hers more. Less sugar and you can easily plopped them into the mouth.

I’ve recently found out what she does with my pc as well.

Paint.Exe Art by Aliya Maisarah

I guess creativity does run in the family genes…

Aya..Mama…& Daadiie a.k.a Daddy


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  1. Shahril Suleiman

    Wow!. Can be published as post cards. Very unique & nice.

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