Sourcing Outsourcing

Words these days, everybody seems to be leaving the place I work for. First it was my team lead. We were not worried. She moved to follow her husband, who got a career growth opportunity in Penang, gets a fully furnished condo with a sea view and a walking distance to Penang’s most hippest mall to date – Queens Bay Mall.

Then it was my good friend from Korea. Apparently her moved was because she’s had enough of fun in the sun and missed the dewy smell of snow back home. Again we were not worried.

Then we heard news of people in the HR community transferring to the States, transferring to a different role…still we were not worried. We cheered them on instead. Hey, they were still in the glorious light of a wonderful multinational company.

But the lastest news of our Regional Lady Boss in HK quiting totally…that’s something to ponder about. Amongst the fun of it all, she has decided to leave. I shall miss her wonderful voice over the phone and lovely Hongkie English Accent (the ones you only get to hear on Hong Kong Kantonese Soap Operas).

You see, being in HR specifically staffing, you’re like a party planner. Plan it nicely, guests are happy, boss is happy. Plan it badly, guests not happy and don’t want to stick around and boss is not to happy, boss also decides to leave.

When I first started working for this company, my husband said I was nuts. “Are you up to it to deal with people that make up half of the world’s population?” I gave him a big smile and head of to my first day.

Of course there were times when I thought it was just impossible. Setting up interviews for candidates half way across the country, having to put up with so many different English accent, having to put up with THEIR FAMILIES who don’t speak English, having to put up with THEIR telco company’s unreachable message in their native language (you the ones you hear when you dial an unreachable mobile number), having to put up with pushy hiring managers, human resource consultants, staffing etc.

But now that I’ve been here long enough, hey…it aint that bad.

I’ve read recently that “India’s outsourcing industry continues to boom”. This means good news since one of the countries that we take care of is India.

Despite protests in Europe and the U.S. against outsourcing and the moving of jobs to India, the country’s software services and business process outsourcing (BPO) services business is booming…

Well..just means more staffing needs and more jobs for me and the whole lot *wink*




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4 responses to “Sourcing Outsourcing

  1. Hi Fay,

    Thanks for hopping by my blog the other day. One question: Kenapa ‘anakcina’? Ha ha.

    Anyway congrats for persevering and winning at your work place. Keep it up. Cheers.

  2. janatunaliya

    Hi Kak Ruby.

    Anakcina – I was constantly called this nick name during kecik-kecik time coz I dont look malay ha! ha! ha!

  3. fay…


    u in HR? hehehe…that brings some similiarity between us.
    u in outsourcing? hehehehe….i may be one of ur company’s clients. Dare I guess which company u work for? anything starting with A??

    great to hear someone enjoying what she is doing – despite the challenge, or even BECAUSE of the challenges.

    way to go Fay!


  4. janatunaliya

    Bro Id

    ngeh ngeh 😛 sorry not A am afraid

    talk about challenges eh. tgk je la apa kita comment hari ni.

    *pengsan oledi

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