Beloved princess…

Our litul and one and only princess, Ms Aliya Maisarah – who happends to live with my mother (sebab my father tak nak any Indonesian maid or baby sitter corrupting his only graddaughter with bad influence. Bela sendiri lebih baik katanya!) scored a whopping all “A”s in all her subjects for her mid term exams. This would include the sangatlah susah Bahasa Arab as well. KUDOS!

A con call with mummy dearest yesterday had me flippin with joy. Told my mom that am not that “pandai” like her so it mush be her daddy’s genes then.  Not until mummy dearest told me she scored 98 on her bahasa with one itsy-bitsy mistake contributed by the whole family I guess. (I always did better in both bahasa when I was in school)

When asked by my mummy dearest, here was the brief conversation :

Aliya    : Aya spell tomato salah la Opah (Opah is what she fondly calls my mummy dearest)
My mummy dearest : Habis tu Aya spell apa.
Aliya    : Aya spell toooo-mea-toooo

Alamak…anakanda sudah terikut slang english mak dia da!

But it still has me garu kepala. She has kept her part of her bargain. All As for mid terms mean a very very special birthday bash for her this coming July. I bid my temp good bye to my beloved mummy dearest, but I could hear Aliya in the background. “Opah don’t put down phone. Aya nak cakap dgn Mama sket”

Me – gulp! Pasti pesanan terakhir dari pihak penaja nih – Don’t forget my birthday bash at Sunway Lagoon…my birthday present…bla bla bla

BUT! Pesanan terakhir dari anakandaku tersayang – “I love you and I miss you Mama. Kiyim salam kat Dadi eh?”

Perut mak manalah yang tak sejuk…



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