O hai..i haz been LOL! k.bai..


photo from ICanHasCheezburger.com

What is it in photos of cats with humorous captions that can actually make me “bersembur” ketawa on a day when I feel so stressed out?

photo from ICanHasCheezburger.com

I bumped into the website a few months ago as I was busy browsing around wordpress. Behold, a website with cute cats in different poses and a LOL caption to go with it. But not any caption mind you, cats now have their own grammar.

Being a cat lover and a former language and sociology student, this not only struck my funny bone but my interest too.

Anil Dash in his article “Cats Can Has Grammar” provides explanation on how this new language is developing into what he refers to as “Kitty pidgin”.

I was having a conversation with Ben and Ben a few weeks ago where I suggested this consistent grammar for lolcats could be a “cweeole”. Knowing a bit more about such things now, I realize this isn’t a creole but more likely a pidgin language, used to help cats talk to humans. And since “pidgin” is already a cutesy spelling of a mispronunciation, there doesn’t seem to be any really cute way to rename it to reflect its uniqueness. “Kitty pidgin” might be the closest thing we have to a name for this new language – Anil Dash

And since pidgin is a simple and effective form of communication being the grammar as simple as it can be, to this is Kitty pidgin may be true after all.

‘Cats have bad grammar, and it’s funnier that way’ – LinguisticMystic.com 
True. I don’t think they photos were funny if the caption were taken out. And the photos with proper grammar weren’t funny either.

But alas, when I share these photos with some of friends, not all agree that they are funny or not many are addicted to them. This subculture has its fans in its own definition

Computer geeks have their own niche in pop culture. Sometimes, something crazed from that niche escapes and runs rampant among the masses – DWIGHT SILVERMAN

I in ur studioz….hedbanz tu ur tunez..

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6 responses to “O hai..i haz been LOL! k.bai..

  1. that kitty entry..comel laaaaaaaa

    thanks 4 hopping to my blog :0)

  2. oh yeah, oh yeah..that cat..doing the rockin’ thing in the studio..he sure rocks!

  3. cyan

    yes, this i canhascheesberger blog is really awesome. Been in the top 1 in wordpress for long alredy

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