My Korean Connection is leaving

Over the pass year I’ve gotten used to saying “yeah” or an-nyoung-ha-se-yo? (안녕하세요?)to my next door neighbor of my office cubicle. I’ve also gotten used to listening to Korean songs and exchanging Korean DVDs with her. The whole office has also gotten used to Korean flava.

Recently she told me that she wont be extending her contract for another year and she has tendered will tender her resignation at the end of August as she does her last month in September before she goes back to Korea.

I shall miss her deeply and for that I shall dedicate this post to her – all the things that she had shared with me that has become my favourite.

Our fav Korean Hang Out

I shall miss having our usual Banchan (반찬) before our main course. Usually its Kimchi and Anchovy myul-chi (멸치) fried anchovies and cilis glazed with sugar, over a good laugh with you telling us how in Korea your family would have a separate fridge just for the Kimchi. I shall miss sweating over Shin Ramyun – arghhh the  hotter the better you say.

Our Pot Luck – Dishes from all over

Our future Pot Luck is at stake now when you leave. We wont have anymore seaweed rolls Gimbap(김밥), soy-sauce beed stew – Bulgogi (불고기) or your pancakes – Pajeon(파전.)

Our talks over favourite artise

I shall miss our talks of going gaga over  Lee Dong-wook (이동욱) and talks of how lovely Kim Ah-joong (김아중)is. I shall miss having someone I can exchange pop songs from Boa (권보아 )and Rain (정지훈)

I shall miss a friend I can exchange my Korean DVDs with…and other movies I enjoy, I shall have no one to share with.

an-nyoung-hee gye-se-yo 안녕히 계세요  my dear friend…gaum-sa-ham-ni-da 감사합니다 for all the good memories we share!


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  1. in my last trip to the US, we were in my brother’s oriental grocery store, and we had the korean fried anchovies with chillis-thing, eaten with sticky rice and cucumber, ooii..taste exactly like your perfect nasi lemak in fine breezy morning..hehe

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