Fried Rice anyone?


Today I packed a big Tupperware of my favourite “packed lunch” (or breakfast) Nasi Goreng – Fried rice.

I confess. I am addicted to the aroma of sauté grinded local anchovies, Cabe Rawit atau cabai burung (bird’s eye chilli) and garlic with slices of big onions. And trust me, that big fat Tupperware sitting in my lunch bag is like practically screaming for me to get the lid off.

There are many versions of this dish – some say it originated from China, brought by the Chinese traders that came to Malaysia and Indonesia in the 15 century. Its emergence came when the Chinese wanted something hot to eat and did not want to waste any leftovers.

Fried rice, which originated in Yanchow province, is a versatile dish which combines cooked rice, onions, soy sauce, sometimes eggs, and just about any other ingredient–leftover or fresh–that may be on hand. The ingredient that predominates gives the dish its name: chicken fried rice, roast pork fried rice, shrimp fried rice, etc. When any ingredients are included, the dish is called subgum–or “many varieties”–fried rice…The [American] restaurant convention of ordering a dish of fried rice with numerous other main courses, or ordering it place of white rice, is Western and not Chinese at all.”
—The Thousand Recipe Chinese Cook Book, Gloria Bley Miller [Grosset & Dunlap:New York] 1975 (p. 632-3) Taken from Food Timeline–history notes: Asian-American cuisine

But the type of fried rice I like, I think comes from my Jawanese heritage, using a lot of Cabe Rawit.

Cabe Rawit

Choices of veges can vary. Sometimes I just love medium fine chopped Chinese long beans or PakChoi – Sawi (Brassica rapa parachinensis). But if am in a hurry, some frozen assortment of veggies will do (even peas are lovely).

Sometimes a few pieces of chicken fillet (bite size) or prawns will do wonders as well.

My mum’s secret is adding a bit of Maggie seasoning. Its got a strong flavor so be sure not to over do it. A dash of fish sauce is also nice.

Garnishing can vary. Spring onions, egg sunny-side up, some prawn crackers or do it the way the hotels serve them, with a few sticks of satay.

Some chicken broth on the side or sambal belacan is also a good compliment of the dish.

Below is a simple version of everyday fried rice or nasi goreng that I usually do.

Ingredients to ground :
5 cabe rawit
3 cloves of garlic
3 table spoon of anchovies (soften by placing in hot water for a 5 minutes)

1 ½ half cups of boiled cooled down rice
6 stalks of sawi or 1 ½ cups of chinese long beans (coarsely chopped)
1 egg

Salt, sugar and seasoning to taste.

3 table spoons of oil

Heat oil in wok and sauté the grounded ingredients. Place in the wok the veges. Sauté again for a few seconds. Break one egg in. Sauté until egg is cooked. Put in some salt, sugar and seasoning to taste. Put in the boiled cooled down rice and fry until everything is mixed nicely.

Different Types of Fried Rice or Nasi Goreng



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2 responses to “Fried Rice anyone?


    Coincidental makanan favourite saya nasi goreng. Apa saja jenis nasi goreng saya tibai!! Sebut je…. Tak kira sesiapa pun masak. Kecuali org2 bukan Islam masak je yg saya tak mkn, termasuklah nasi goreng. Walaupun baunya sngt menyelerakan. Sorry….

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