Celebrate Milk Day!

If not for a fellow blogger, I won’t know that today, we’re celebrating one of my favourite beverages of all time – MILK. I just have to have my fresh milk everyday. COLD and with Hershey’s Strawberry Syrup (I buy them from Cold Storage). Eventhough my mother keeps pestering me about taking LOW fat milk..its just not the same taste. I gotta have it FRESH.

Images from  hersheys syrup homepage

I can help it being a product of those who grew up, walking up to the clatter of glass milk bottles and the milkman’s mini van, bringing in the bottles for mum and opening that foil top with little milk curds, then pouring them to a bowl of corn flakes…

Luckily British Government gave free milk coupons to my parents so that we could enjoy 3 fresh bottles everyday.

But these days…must have Strawberry Milk my way.

Thirsty yet??? 

BTW Happy Milk Day!

p/s dengan peralatan “superforce” i am getting ready to go home its 8PM..taaaaa



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2 responses to “Celebrate Milk Day!

  1. mutalib s


    was told yesterday that world milk day is on the 1st. they (tetra pak) delay the celebration on purpose. haha.

    as for the milk, i’ve tried it before as well…irresistable! no need to buy a stawberry milk anymore. ‘boleh buat sendiri’.

    you should try using the choco hershey too, it’s delicious!

    aha, since that British Govt gave you coupons on milk, you were there or they gave you in during their admin in Malaya in the ’50s?

  2. janatunaliya


    Oh ok..the 1st? I didnt even know there was world milk day.

    Kan? better than the instant strawberry milk. Sendiri buat is more FLAVA.

    Shall try the choco one soon..my husband used to say “golden syrup ke apa ni over RM10” lol. But when I have choco am sure tempted to pour it over something else…strawberried ke..ice cream ke..

    My dad pursued an engineering degree at Brighton Polytechnic (now known as Brighton University) and towed us all there; wife, 3 kids and all. We got the milk coupons when we were in Brighton for 4 ½ years.

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