Nuts over Nuts


This week alone I’ve spend more than RM100 over a bag of pitaschios. Why on earth would I do that?

For one they are not cheap. Two, I’ve had this nagging craving for pistaschios ever since my girl Aya asked for them last week while grocery hunting at Cold Storage BTS (pista-chochos as she fondly calls them at the age of 4). Three, they help fight heart disease and lower ur blood pressure (unsalted that is).

Cold storage somehow has the best – not too salty, nice big nutts. But at 59.80 per kilo, that’s bound to blow anyone’s pocket away.

Then I got a phone call from my cousin who’s working with the Agricultural Ministry’s R&D. After a few cit cat, I asked her whether Malaysia could grow their own Pistaschios. She laughed and said “Nape kak? Ngidam sangat ke? Aya nak dapat adik apa?” – Are you ok? Cravings? A sign that Aya will get a new sibling coming soon?

For the love of Nuts…I dunno but I’m dreaming and breathing pistachios now..


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