I could have died

I’ve decided to have Happy Meal today. There goes my pledge of less high in fat, sodium, and calories food.

Just one won’t hurt now will it?

I may be obsessing a bit but after what happened on Saturday at the National Blood Centre (Pusat Darah Negara – PDN), I swear I went nutrition crazy. Siapa tak yang oi?

There I was, surrounded by the lovely and warm “misi-misi” (since I frequently visit PDN some know me already), and as usually the SENIOR nurse will attend to me as my veins are pretty hard to find. This time the bius jab was slightly prickly than usual.

I pondered on the interview earlier with a young lovely Dr before. Nothing out of the ordinary, blood pressure ok (in fact down a bit that last time) and I dropped 2 kilos since my last visit.

Then Senior Nurse ask me “Sarapan tak hari ni dik?” – Did you have breakfast. I nodded and said yes.

Could 3 spoonful of Oatmeal be called breakfast? Maybe I could wiggle myself out of this..

So 450ml of blood out of my body later, I sat down on the reclining chair in PDN quietly. One nurse asked politely “Rasa pening tak?” – do you feel dizzy. I said no.

Then it came. Like a rush of hot air. I was sweating cold sweat profusely. Panic struck me. I was breathless…every breath felt like the air was gone. I quickly called them.

“akak…saya rasa pening la…” – I feel dizzy

The few seconds she took to come over felt like hours. As they reclined by chair so that my leg was higher…I felt everything coming back to normal.

So this is how it feels before you die of lost of breath or drowning…it must have felt like that. It must have.

Allah swt showed me in something valuable today. The feeling of being at the edge of death. Some say it changes you.

Fact is it has.

More observing to my religion…eating sensibly. Be grateful for  my blessing.

I think a little Happy Meal wont hurt..dont you?


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