Dont look back..who knows what there…


We have horror movie night last Thursday (what a coincidence – malam Jumaat). Darling Mom has pestered me and darling hubby to buy the latest Malay horror flick – Jangan Pandang Belakang.

Personally, nak kata I pengecut, am really not. Maybe those traveling days have somehow toughen me up a bit. But this one, based on some true points of Malay paranormal activities, did make my hair stand up.

Some parts where familiar. Stories told by my arwah atuk who had a talent to “ubat” people who had unknown fever…and stuff…you know “those” stuff.

But maybe my own personal encounters where the ones that scare me the most. One, which images still vivid in my mind was during my time working as a cabin crew. Not flight but on the road. You know those double Decker buses that go to Singapore from KL. Yes, those.

I wont mentioned which one, but the company has a history of one of its cabin crew dying in an accident in Johor.

I had just finished taking a group trip from Singapore and arrived at the depot at 3am after dropping them off at Klang. As usually I would check the upper deck one last time and made sure the passengers had not left anything behind. As I made my way to the stairs, a black as if cloaked figure was facing its back and sitting there near the stairs. I jumped and jammed shut my eyes, only to open and find the figure disappear. In the backgrounds I heard dogs howling.

Another time, I queried another crew if she had seen anything odd in the CCTV monitor in front of the driver, when all the passengers got off. I was surprised she said, “you saw too?”. I told her to describe to me what she saw. As she told me the details, the hair at the back of my neck rose. She shook my shoulders to awaken me from my trance. I calmly said “ I saw the same exact thing…face hidden amongst long hair, white tattered garment and she always sat in the middle seat”. Both of us started screaming at the same time.

I acknowledge that we are surrounded by these “creatures”. But a mere close encounter like those I have experience…lets just say, I only lasted a year as a cabin crew.


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  1. saya tak pernah jumpa lagi real-life encounter. dengar2 dari org aje. hopefully i dont have to experience close encounters like you had

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