So far so good…

Extremely busy week since Mum was here with Aya for a whole week. I think I made a big impression this time around to show how organized my life is. We took them everywhere, TESCO, pasar malam taman cahaya & BTS. Mum’s spotting a new Ferragamo handbag from Metrojaya (which am sure the ladies at the weekly “rewang” will envy) – come to think of it, I kindly wanted one for myself but reassured dear me, why would I need another handbag for since I always ask darling hubby to hold my IC and handphone – he he he.

Aya on the other had, spots a loadful of clothes from GUESS KIDS, Martel Barbie & god knows what else – sumpah I only looked at the price tag not the brand – and a cool new pink and baby blue BUM snickers. But my very very grateful anak still wants a jumper with a hood. Aiyooo…hip-hop ke?

Again Metrojaya sales is always the best especially if its 70% discount for mothers like me who also scream “Aiyo..baju budak pun mahal…lebih mahal dari baju mak budak!”

I’ve left the job of piercing my daugter’s ears to my Mum. I myself had more than one piercing before and told her Pure Gamat Oil should do the trick in healing fast.

Bad news around the house – the dryer broke. I am without a dryer. SOMEBODY SAVE ME!!#@!!
Am not sure how I will cope with the laundry now. But then again, guardian angel in the form of MUM is here to save the day. Untung kan you dapat mak mertua cam dia kan AYANG…he he he



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  1. hai fay..biasa ler children clothes skrg pricey…especially yg branded..lebih mahal dr baju org dewasa..kah! kah!

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